Tap Room, Beer Descriptions & Contact Info

Tap Room 
121 S. Cedar in the Carnegie Square neighborhood.  Open 7 days/week starting at 3 pm for tasters, half pints, pints, growlers and kegs to go.  We are open to all ages and serve house-made draft root beer and pints of pretzels along with our beer.   

509-413-2388 for questions or to order a keg to-go (24 hours notice preferred).

                  Thursday - Saturday:   3 pm - 10 pm

                  Sunday - Wednesday: 3 pm - 9 pm

Beer Descriptions

All of our beers are made with regional ingredients – water from the Spokane aquifer, grains from the region and malted just north of the border, hops from the Yakima Valley and yeast originated in Oregon.  Each one is hand-crafted in our downtown brewery and is the result of years of tasting, testing and experience.  We love making beer, talking about beer and, yes, drinking beer.  

River City Red – The River City Red label says it all, “Wee Bit Malty – Crisp and Clean.”  That’s the short version, but if you want to know a bit more, we can do that too.  This beer is made from five different malted, two-row barley grains to give it just the right caramel red color, then we use two different hop varieties – Nugget Hops for flavor and Liberty Hops for aroma.  The beer is well balanced between the sweetness of the malted barley and the bite of the hops.  Clean on the palate, this beer goes well with almost any food or makes a great session beer.  We can debate about whether it fits into a red, amber or Scottish category, but we can’t debate its drinkability.  
I.B.U. – 16 / A.B.V. - 5.6%

Riverkeeper IPA – Riverkeeper IPA is a collaboration effort to raise funds for and awareness of the Spokane Riverkeeper's important work. A portion of proceeds from the sales of this beer will be donated to the Spokane Riverkeeper. This is a true Northwest IPA with a great mix of region hop flavors that range from tropical and citrus, to floral and earthy, with a solid malt base that carries this hop forward without leaving too much sweetness. Brewed using 8 varieties of hops: El Dorado, Palisade, Chinook, Centennial, Warrior, Cascade, Millenium, and Citra. 
I.B.U. - 77 / A.B.V. - 6.5%

Afternoon IPA  - A great afternoon = Friends + Sunshine + Beer. To perfect this equation, we offer Afternoon IPA, a session beer (4.6% ABV) with a citrus aroma and enough hop character to be an enjoyable IPA. Amarillo, Equinox, Cascade and Palisade hops combine to give this IPA a unique pepper and citrus nose, and a piney and citurs body. Throw in a subtle grain character and you have an extremely quaffable beer to contribute to a great day.
I.B.U. – 65 / ABV – 6.5%

Girlfriend Golden Ale – The hallmark of a great girlfriend is how well you get along.  This golden ale will easily pass that test.  Using pale malt and light hopping, this easy drinking beer will get along with almost everyone.  Whether you are new to the craft beer world, or a serious connoisseur, the straw color and crisp finish are inviting to all.  Very low on the IBU scale, this beer was described to us once as like a “biscuit with a touch of honey on it.”  After a glass of it yourself, you will definitely want to spend more time with your new Girlfriend.  
I.B.U. – 6 / A.B.V. - 5.0%

Coeur d’Alene Huckleberry Ale – A long-time favorite finally makes its re-appearance.  Using the uniquely Northwest flavor of huckleberries, we match it with a blonde ale backdrop to make a flavorful and refreshing treat for your pint glass.  The beer starts with the unmistakable and strong aroma of huckleberries, but the taste of this not-sweet berry matches perfectly with crispness of the beer.  Using very mild hops, this beer really stands out as an original.  We use nothing artificial in making this beer, so enjoy its natural refreshing taste unlike anything else.   
I.B.U. – 10 / A.B.V. - 5.0%

Coeur d’Alene VB Stout – Like most stouts, the VB Stout is a dark, rich beer with plenty of coffee and chocolate tones.  In addition to most stouts, however, we add the distinct taste of organic vanilla and the essence of bourbon to make a complex beer with a symphony of flavor and a wide range of notes.  Starting from a secret batch based on our long-time stout recipe, retired Head Brewer Laurie Kraus created this beer as a one-keg, one-time treat for our brewery Christmas party nearly fifteen years ago.  Re-created annually by popular demand, this stout eventually replaced our traditional stout on a year-round basis.  We could use more words, but really, the best way to understand this beer is to take a sip.   
I.B.U. – 55 / A.B.V. – 5.6%

Contact information:               

River City Brewing
121 S. Cedar Street
Spokane, WA 99201
Gage at Inland NW Brewing dot com
Emily at Inland NW Brewing dot com

Distributor Information:      

Eastern Washington - King Beverage / KBI Craft
1/2 bbl (15.5 gal) and 1/6 bbl (5.15 gal) available

Northern Idaho - Centennial Distributing
1/2 bbl (15.5 gal) and 1/6 bbl (5.16 gal) available

Social Media Information:      Facebook.com/RiverCityBrewing
                                                   Twitter - @RiverCityRed
                                                   Instagram - RiverCityBrewing
                                                   Blog – RiverCityRed.blogspot.com

Also, proud supporters of the River City Red Cycling Team 
(see the "Cycling Team" Tab for more information).


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  3. Had a couple of pitchers of the Girlfriend Golden at a local pub recently... very nice. I don't care for "hoppy" beer and this went down real smooth. Thanks-

  4. I was wondering what the ingredients in your rootbeer are please.

  5. I was wondering what the ingredients in your rootbeer are please. Thank you


  6. This time there is a good beer too :)
    teefury , redbubble , threadless.

  7. While eating at Wingmans restraunt in Walla Walla. I had one of your brews that I really enjoyed. I cannot remember it's name but it was a Dopplebock/porter or stout blend. Is this a "one-off" batch? I hope not. Will there be more to come? Any chance of getting it in bottles?

  8. How can I get Coeur DE' ALENE Brewing company cycling shirt in a size large ? Please ?