Friday, October 28, 2016

2017 River City Brewing Growler Club

Hello River City Brewing 
Growler Club Members!

It is that time of the year again. That wonderful time of the year where you get to sign up for another year of a River City Brewing Growler Club Membership!

Because our 2016 members were our Inaugural Members, we’re giving you first rights to sign up for a 2017 membership! From today (October 28th) to November 7th, we are keeping all Growler Club spots open for you all to renew your membership. Your renewal fee this year will be just $50, which will get you a “2017 River City Brewing Growler Club Member” Hoodie, a whole year of $10 Growler Club Growler fills in your 2016 Founding Member Growler and a $3 pint with each fill, as well as quarterly Exclusive Growler Club events (Attend-A-Brew Day, Imperial Release Sneak Peek, Sensory Analysis, etc.).

You only have two weeks to renew your membership before we open this up to the public for new memberships for $100. Registration for ALL memberships will close on November 20th for us to be able to get your new Hoodies in by the beginning of the year, at which time we’ll have a party for our awesome Growler Club Members!

We hope you join us again for a year of discounted growler fills and pints, and a year of being one of the select few a part of the River City Brewing Growler Club! Stop in the Tap Room any day to renew your membership, and enjoy a $1 when you do!


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  1. Good to know that previous members are getting discount on the renewal. I also need to renew my membership this month so will do it at the earliest to avail these discounts.