Monday, June 13, 2016

Have you tried our Gose-Way?

What's new with River City Brewing

Have you tried the most recent limited release from River City Brewing? Introducing Gose-Way!

Gose (pronounced Goh-za) beers started in 16th century Germany. They are brewed with at least 50% wheat and are characterized by salty, mineral flavors. In America, Goses are often paired with other fruit or sweeter flavors. At River City Brewing, we make "super" beers so we decided that super berries were our path to a new, refreshing gose. With the addition of cranberry, acai berry and orange we were on the path. But in America, we don't stop at making things a little bit super, we want them super super. So along with the normal salt addition to a gose (we used Pink Himalayan Salt), we added three electrolytes (sodium, magnesium, potassium) commonly found in recovery and sports drinks. Hence, we created a super powerful, super wonderful, super refreshing gose. So will Gose-Away make you super? We can't say that. Will Gose-Away make your hangover go-away? Of course we can't say that. But will it? Really, we shouldn't say that. Just drink it and see what happens to you.

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  1. Yet I have not tried that but I will definitely try it very soon! These stuffs make me crazy..... keep up the good work!
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