Monday, April 25, 2016

Pints, Pint Nights, Pre-Bloomsday Movies, Riverkeeper Films, and Bloomsday! It's going to be a great week in Spokane!


It's going to be a busy week this week for River City Brewing! So many fun ways for us to get out and support the amazing city and community we live in!

Monday the 25th - Micro Monday or simply customer appreciation, call it what you want, but Monday is our $3 Micro Monday, where all of our pints are just $3 for the awesome folks in Spokane.

Tuesday the 26th - Bloomsday Blonde Pint Night at David's Pizza! Wear any of your awesome Bloomsday shirts from years past to win sweetprizes, and anyone who orders a Bloomsday Blonde gets one of the limited release 40th Running of Bloomsday Pint Glass!

Wednesday the 27th - Suds and Cinema: PREFONTAINE at the Bing Crosby Theater! The true story of Steve Prefontaine, one of the greatest American runners of all time, will be screened on the Wednesday before the 40th running of the Lilac Bloomsday Run in Spokane as part of The Inlander's Suds and Cinema series. Have a beer, watch a great movie and learn more about the University of Oregon sensation from two men who knew him well. Bloomsday Blonde and Riverkeeper IPA will be served before and during the movie for just $5!

Thursday the 28th - 2nd Annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival at The Garland Theater! The Spokane Riverkeeper, Mountain Gear and Patagonia are thrilled to bring the Spokane community together around local and global issues in a venue where environmental groups are able to help new activists take action. Whether depicting the struggle for environmental justice or an educational tale about an endangered species, the films expose people to forward-thinking ideas and global awareness.All proceeds benefit the Spokane Riverkeeper: For a fishable and swimmable Spokane River. Riverkeeper IPA, Girlfriend Golden, River City Red and VB Stout will be poured throughout the event!

Friday the 29th - You made it to Friday! Yay! The Randall for the weekend will be our Riverkeeper IPA infused with Fresh Cranberries.

Saturday the 29th - River City will be on hand pouring up pints at the Moscow Alehouse/ Relay for Life Brewfest! Over 40 beers, 8 bands, Vandal Meats and lots and lots of cool rafle prizes all day! They even got a beer snow cone machine for the event! The fun starts at 1:00 till 9:00pm. Tickets are $15. All proceeds go to the Relay for Life American Cancer Society!

Sunday the 1st - It's the 40th Running of Bloomsday! The run starts at 9am and River City will be pouring up pints of our Bloomsday Blonde, Riverkeeper IPA and River City Red in the Bloomsday Corporate Cupagain this year!

It's a great week to be in Spokane! So many awesome community events happening that just really show how lucky we are to live in a place that is truly Near Nature, and Near Perfect!

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  1. It looks good, is anyone you don't know can also join in? do let us now so that we can plan accordingly

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