Friday, January 8, 2016


River City Brewing had an awesome 2015. We sold more beer and had more fun than any prior year. As such, we are pleased to be putting our third year in the history books and are ready to celebrate. Join us Saturday, January 30, 3 – 10 pm for some special beers, original tunes from Folkinception (5-9 pm) and excellent food from Couple of Chefs Catering & Street Cuisine Truck. The party is in the Tap Room and the Brewery, so we will be celebrating come snow or shine.

After checking the cellar, here is what’s On Tap for our 3rd Anniversary Party:
Huckleberry Ale
Girlfriend Golden Ale
River City Red
VB Stout
Riverkeeper IPA
River City Root Beer
2016 Congratulator Doppelbock
2015 Midnight Marmot Imperial Stout
2014 Oako-Coco Nitro
2015 Congratulator Doppelbock
2014 Deep Thaw Winter Warmer
2014 Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout (limit one 8oz pour per person)

During 2015, we continued experimenting with new beers, hops and techniques, we won several awards, and we expanded our sales territory, but mostly we made great beer day in and day out and had it served in great places in communities all over the Northwest. We are proud of the brew team, sales team (one person is a “team,” right?) and our bartenders who put a face on our brewery every day in the Tap Room. We have some more good stuff rolling out in 2016, but first, let’s celebrate!

Here are the details: Our event is all ages, and better yet, no cover! Beer tickets will be $2.50 each - 1 ticket for an 8oz pour, and 2 tickets for a 16oz pour (except Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout which is 2 tickets for an 8oz pour and will be limited to one person until it runs out).

For River City Brewing, 2015 was a home run. We hope you join us on January 30th to celebrate another great year of brewing beer for our friends, neighbors and communities all over the Northwest.

Cheers! #DrinkLocal 


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