Friday, January 30, 2015

Saturday, Jan 31 - Groundhog's Day Prediction Party

Groundhog Day is known for Punxsutawney Phil predicting whether winter will end or keep going and it’s known for BEER! 

Well, maybe that’s just around here, but we think it’s a great reason to have a beer and a party so on Saturday, January 31st, from 3 – 9 pm, we will have our 2nd Annual Groundhogs Day Prediction Party. 

Your job – show up wearing summer clothes or winter clothes (and drink some beer). If you think winter is wrapping up soon, break out the Hawaiian shirts, tank tops, sunglasses and flip flops. If you think P-Phil is going to see his shadow and winter is sticking around, come wearing your Arctic camo, your snowmobile suit, or your sweet mountain gear. While you’re here, you will get to record your prediction and win prizes if you are right! 

For our beer specials for the night we will tap the TWO kegs of Midnight Marmot, one of which will be poured through the Randall (can’t have a groundhog party without a Marmot beer, right?), AND we'll have a keg of our Oako-Coco Nitro on tap! We will be doing pint specials ($3 pints all day!), growler specials ($10), and, final added bonus, crazy keg specials! ($49/$99 for Red, VB Stout, Huckleberry and Girlfriend kegs, and just $39/$79 for Afternoon IPA and RiverKeeper IPA!!)! 

Come dressed for winter or summer, but come join us for our Groundhogs Day Prediction Party!


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