Friday, December 12, 2014

Washington Student Cycling League

As we covered a couple of posts ago, the brewery is pleased to support a Spokane-based cycling team - River City Red Cycling.  As a team, we race bikes, but we do this as a way of a) having fun riding bikes, b) having fun drinking beer and talking about bikes and bike racing, and c) trying to be good ambassadors for cycling in many ways - racing, training, commuting, transportation, fun, exercise and a way to burn calories so we can drink beer.

More towards our ambassador side, we are pleased to be starting an association with the Washington Student Cycling League.  Here is their raison d'etre:
The Washington Student Cycling League is a holistic mountain bike program for students grade 6-12. We are a non-profit organization that partners with schools and community organizations to provide inclusive cycling opportunities to all students across the state.
Our mission is to promote youth development, confidence, leadership, health and public stewardship through mountain biking and positive outdoor experience and to create a foundation for lifelong cycling enjoyment.
Two of our team members, Brad Hamby (2014 Team MVP) and Travis Coleman (2013 & 2014 Team "Big Dog"), just got licensed as coaches with the WSCL and will be working with others to start and develop an east-side team that will, in part, have the opportunity to go over to race in some west-side races.  The riders and sponsors of River City Red Cycling (Desautel Hege Communications, M & L Supply Company, Powers Stromberg Pension Consulting, Pulmonary Specialists, Tailwind Physical Therapy, The Bike Hub, and Voltric Electric, along with River City Brewing) are committed to helping youth cycling in our area and a significant portion of our team funds will be spent on these efforts.

If you know of a girl or boy in the 6th through 12th grad that would be interested, please let us know or keep an eye on this space for more information as plans develop.

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