Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Spokane Gets on Another List

Recently local activist, arts supporter, Spokane supporter, writer, man-about-town Luke Baumgarten wrote a piece for the Inlander called "Screw Big Cities" (  And while he used a naughty word in his title, he makes a good point (as he always does).  The gist of it is that big cities have art experiences, but they also come with congestion, expense and stasis.  On the other hand, Spokane offers a great quality of life, an accessible art scene and it is a place that you can have an impact if you are willing to work at it.

What's nice is that Luke is a relatively young person saying these things, rather than a paid spokesperson for an economic development organization.

I have been saying for a long time that one of our problems is that we as a city lack the self-confidence that some bigger, hipper cities seem to have in abundance.  It's well past time we look around and see that we live in a very cool, dynamic place that also happens to offer a reasonably priced really, truly excellent quality of life. 

And, it helps that other people are starting to look in from the outside and recognize that, to wit, showing up on a list of "Underrated Cities that Deserve Some Love" on The Chive website:  Here is the description:

Eight hometown breweries, 36 bars, and Washington’s first craft liquor distillery, Spokane is definitely a place to add to your list. Surrounded by beautiful Washington forests, you can find yourself white water rafting, golfing, hiking, touring breweries, and taking the chairlift to the top of the mountains all in the same day. A beautiful spot with an awesome nightlife, and a heavy emphasis on local, craft alcoholic beverages, Spokane is totally worth a visit.

And it's hard to find two sources more different than Luke Baumgarten and The Chive saying a very similar thing - that Spokane is an awesome place.  We wholeheartedly agree and think you should too.

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