Sunday, December 7, 2014

2015 River City Red Cycling Team

This communication below just went out to the existing team, but if you are interested in joining us for the 2015 season, e-mail me at gage at inlandnwbrewing period com.  We are particularly interested in supporting young riders (23 and under) and adding female riders, so we have reduced dues for these categories (only $8 to cover cost of t-shirt and pint).  Also, if you are interested in racing but haven't dipped your toe in that particular pool, feel free to come to the meeting and find out what we are about.

Front (or could you tell?)
Back! (You knew, didn't you?)

Dear River City Red Cycling Team: It’s time to get geared up for the 2015!  We are having a team meeting next week, Thursday, December 11 at 6 pm at the River City Brewing Tap Room to talk about the 2015 schedule and start the process of getting our shit together for the year.  If you have a friend or know someone that has shown an interest in getting started with racing, feel free to bring him OR HER along.

The preliminary schedule, put together by Brad (2014 Team MVP) with some input from Travis, is attached.  I want to get a bit more organized about some standing times for rides so we can plan around them a bit more.  Of course the weather, schedules, races, etc. will impact it as we go, but I think if we have a starting point it will help.  Nothing much is set in stone, but it’s a good starting place.  You will also see a couple of training camp dates and an MTB excursion to Seven Summits, so if that is of interest, get them on the calendar now whether you can make two days or all four.  Details to follow.

Also, we will be getting organized earlier for team kit and, NEW this year, team members will all get a pint glass and a team-only t-shirt.  Also new this year, we will be shutting down the e-mail group to just dues-paying members to enable us to talk about more about team strategy, recap race issues, etc. 

Brad and Travis are in Seattle right now (or on the way home) from a meeting about organizing a youth MTB group in Spokane, so our long-standing plan to support youth cycling is finally making some solid progress this year.  We have over $6,000 from prior dues and sponsorships to support this project, including helping getting some high school racers over to the west side for racing, so I’m very happy to see that finally coming together.  We are also interested in picking up more female racers, so please do some recruiting on this front if you know any potential candidates.

If you can’t make the meeting, please feel free to fill out the sign-up and release and drop it off anytime.  Looking forward to seeing some of you at the Tap Room next week and all of you on the road sometime in 2015.

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