Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Midnight Marmot

Today is the day - It's the public release of Midnight Marmot Day at the brewery.  Oh sure, we started pouring it last Thursday at the Tap Room, the same day we put it in kegs, but TODAY is the day it goes to the distributor which means that anytime immediately after it is possible for it to start showing up in your favorite bar, restaurant, watering hole, dive, foodery or whatever.

Ask for it by name.  Drink your fair share before it's gone.  And look for the helping hand of the Midnight Marmot in the dark streets of Spokane.

Midnight Marmot Imperial Stout - What do you expect from a great stout?  A rich, full-bodied beer with espresso and chocolate tones filling your glass.  What do you expect from the Midnight Marmot?  A mysterious presence of strength.

What happens when you combine these things?  A normal stout is transformed into a powerful elixir full of extraordinary flavors.  A normal stout that has the hops and alcohol amped up to fuel the exploits of a crime-fighting superhero for our modern age.  In short, even though it’s pint sized, it packs a punch you won’t soon forget.  Look for the Imperial Stout on a draft handle in fine establishments.  Look for the Midnight Marmot in the dark shadows.  One you will find; one you will not.  32” tall.  59 IBU.  8.6% ABV.

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