Sunday, February 16, 2014

Social Media / Internet / Overload / The The

I was pondering a bit today.  It was an accident and I shouldn't have been so careless as to just be pondering, but there you have it.  It happened and I can't go back and change it.  During my pondering it occurred to me today that I have been consuming so much social media, so much internet "news", so much from various electronic screens, that it had filled my mind and hadn't left enough room for my own thoughts.  You would think that the fire-hose of information, from vital to banal, would lead to lots of thoughts, but it didn't work that way for me.  Too easy to consume one more interesting tidbit than to contemplate the last one.  But now, with spring in the offing, it's time for another cycle to begin and the prior one to end.

How does that relate to the videos below from The The?  It doesn't.  And even though "This Is The Day" repeats the line, "Today is the day your life will surely change," it was a happy coincidence.  Why is this song here?  Because it popped up on my iPod playlist and it reminded me of several entertaining conversations I had with a friend somewhere in the 1985-1988 time period.  That makes me as old as f___, as the kids say today, but it doesn't make it less true.  Also, for one more point in the life satisfaction column, I called that friend a couple of weeks ago and we talked about a completely different series of funny conversations that we had in about that same period.

And that paragraph leads me to one more pondering.  I have to think that if I'm lucky enough to be remembering anything another 25 years on, I don't think it will be a funny internet meme we were laughing about or anything trending on a Twitter hashtag; I think it will be about funny conversations and experiences I have on a bike ride, over a pint of beer, on a trip, working on a project or while I'm sitting around with friends.

More of that please.

Until, enjoy something that reminds me of something that I have enjoyed for a long time - friends and funny conversations.

And another one, that has less meaning to me, but I love the piano (you have to stick with it, it doesn't come in until almost 3 1/2 minute mark).

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