Friday, February 28, 2014

Inlander Restaurant Week

Emily here with an update on Inlander Restaurant Week.  We are mostly through the second annual Inlander Restaurant Week and the reports we hear are amazing! In case you don't know, though, or, gosh forbid, haven’t heard of Restaurant Week, or you have but are still not sure what’s going on and why everyone is walking around like they just had Thanksgiving dinner? Well let us explain, and then break out your fat pants and get ready to eat, because you don’t want to miss this week!

Inlander Restaurant Week is your opportunity to try as many restaurants as your schedule will allow, for affordable, fixed prices. Restaurant week is held once a year, this year being held February 21 to March 2. The 2014 Inlander Restaurant Week has 74 restaurant participants along with 11 drink local participants. 

How it works is you pick which restaurant you want to go to. We recommend checking out the menus either online or in the Inlander before you head out. This helps you plan ahead for your night out since each restaurant has prix fixe prices (fixed prices) of either $18 per person, or $28 per person. Another reason for looking at the menus beforehand, is it will get you hungry, and that’s a good thing for what you’re about to experience!

Each restaurant has a 3-course menu pre-selected. All you have to do is pick one of the three options for each of the three courses, and then be prepared to be amazed! The restaurants that participate in Restaurant Week use the week as an opportunity to introduce themselves to both locals and visitors who may have never dined there. The chefs use this as a chance to showcase what they do best in a creative (and delicious) manner!

As if all the amazing food is not enough, this year Restaurant Week has placed a huge emphasis on the regions libation industry. Each restaurant that is participating is featuring different Drink Local options, either on tap to be enjoyed side by side with your hand crafted meal, or right in the meal itself! (You MUST check out Saranac Public House and try their Vanilla Bourbon Stout Pudding made with our VB Stout.. it’s to die for!)

We have put together a list for you of some of the amazing Restaurant Week participants that have been some of River City Brewing’s best Drink Local supporters:

Fire Artisan (Spokane and Coeur d’Alene
Herbal Essence
Italia Trattoria
MacKenzie River Pizza (both the downtown location and up on the South Hill
O’Doherty’s Irish Grill
Post Street Alehouse
Ripples Riverside Grill
Saranac Public House
Spencer’s Steaks and Chops
Steelhead Bar and Grille
Windows of the Seasons
Tomato Street
Webster’s Saloon
Casper Fry
Lantern Tap House
Latah Bistro
Manito Tap House
Max at Mirabeau
315 Martinis and Tapas

Thanks to everyone for their involvement in Restaurant Week!


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