Thursday, January 30, 2014

Emily - The River City Red Chick

It has just come to our attention that Emily is celebrating her one-year anniversary with the brewery. It has been a big year since we had just started brewing one year ago and Emily joined us before we actually had any beer to taste.  It was a leap of faith in that regard, but it was a leap she was ready to take.

Emily has a degree from EWU in human resource management and her first post-college employment was in this field.  The brewery definitely wasn't looking for an HR person (not much need when there are two employees), but we were looking for someone to help with a wide variety of tasks, including helping to manage the brewery ordering/supplies, helping with all variety of office tasks, and some help in selling beer.  Of course, a primary need underlying this was an interest in, and hopefully a passion for, craft beer.  When we interviewed folks, the job description was wide-ranging since we didn't really know what the needs would be since we were starting over from ground zero on everything after a two-year hiatus from our spot in Coeur d'Alene and with a much smaller brewery.  Different folks brought different attributes to the table, but Emily was a standout in her commitment to craft beer.  We took a chance on her learning a bunch of stuff that was completely new to her and she took a chance on us after what can only be described as an odd interview/hiring process and at a nascent company.

Flash forward one year and it is clear that we at River City Brewing got lucky when Emily agreed to join the company.  She has taken on a million and seven tasks, grown tremendously in the depth of her beer knowledge so that she can go toe-to-toe with all but the hardest core beer geeks (we can't either), and has been a wonderful ambassador for craft beer overall and River City Brewing.  Emily helps with a lot of the paperwork, tracking and ordering for the brewery overall, manages the Tap Room (and worked tirelessly and endlessly to get it open) and gracefully moves from account to account to event to event, all with a smile and passion for craft beer.  All in all, a great year for the brewery and a lot of that credit goes to Emily.  This isn't to slight the brewers, who are the soul of the operation and work every day to make great
beer, but after the beer is made and the kegs are filled, we need someone to be out there telling the story and all appreciate that Emily is doing that so well.

Now, a retrospective of Emily's projects, work, and time at River City Brewing.

Emily's First Event - She was terrified of the mic.

Sit still, we need a picture of you for something.
Emily with Cody, former brewer - now Sheriff, at her first get-dirty brew day.

Time to talk beer? We got some pro's.

Another day, another event . . .

The very first beer poured from the taps while Tap Room was in construction.
Tap Room under construction - or, home away from home.

Greg, Emily, Moose - They love having their pictures taken.  Can you tell?

PS - "River City Chick" is what she get's called as she is seen place after place by some folks.  We wouldn't ever call her that; we just call her "boss".

Thursday, January 23, 2014

This is inappropriate, right?

We found this with the help of, but rest assured, we didn't laugh at it and we don't condone the sentiment.  We are all about responsible consumption of adult beverages by adults with mature sensibilities.  But that said, we have heard of people who over-consume such beverages.  This would be an ode to those folks - as misguided and inappropriate as that is.  Also, NSFW.