Tuesday, December 10, 2013

You think you got skills?

As the temperature rises all the way up to the double digits, it's nice to think about being outside again someday and riding bikes.  It's also nice to think about just sitting on the saddle, actually pedaling a bike down the road - but just that.  I don't need to ride it backwards or across rock fields or do flips on my bike, but some people do and those people are freakishly amazing.  Take a look.

Oh sure, that looks like a weird combination of crazy and dangerous and cool. It also looks ALMOST like something you could do, right? Not really, but you can see how if you devoted some time to it you could get to the point you could do it. That would be in contrast to the next video which is astonishingly amazingly bat-shit crazy. Also, keep in mind how mild the first video is in comparison to the 3.44 mark in the second video - kinda same trick x 1,000.

Mind blown.

UPDATE: One of the guys on the River City Red Cycling Team (SJ) asked whether it was true that Martyn Ashton was now paralyzed.  Another (TC) responded that it was true.  I hadn't heard anything about it and found this story: http://www.bikemag.com/videos/video-against-all-odds-road-bike-party-2-is-released/.   It is fair to say that the riding in the video is amazing, but it is clearly very, very dangerous.  A couple of times I was marveling at the danger, since it was clear that they were working with no safety equipment, no padding, no "outs", etc., but I am sad to hear that one of the riders has paid for these stunts with his lifelong mobility. 

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  1. I'm glad you've commented on the danger of these stunts, Gage. Like you said, there is no "outs". One misstep and the rider is facing a serious injury or death. Frankly, I think they are going too far, risking too much, on some of these stunts...