Monday, December 9, 2013

WE ARE TWITTER FAMOUS! What? Oh. No we aren't.

So, funny story.  A couple of days ago I started following @will_ferrell on Twitter after someone else re-tweeted a few funny things from that account.  I randomly picked up my phone Sunday afternoon to see a tweet from "him" saying that twitter required him to follow at least 7 people so "he" would randomly be doing that, and then "he" said "he" would follow someone additional that also followed @depressedsanta.  Thinking something along the lines of "nothing ventured, nothing gained," I followed both and then proceeded to make a couple of smart-ass comments to "Will Ferrell."  Lo and behold, our account was rewarded a few minutes later with a follow from @will_ferrell!  Some moments of elation and entertainment followed as my household contemplated what it meant to have Will Ferrell's attention for a few minutes.  For instance, I was assuming he would want to stay in our guest bedroom over the holidays to get to know us and drink lots of free beer.

Well, after a few more twitter hi-jinks, along with texting several people that Will Ferrell was following us (and posting on Facebook that he was ) a total buzzkill (but accurate) tweet came through saying that it was relatively confirmed that the actual person Will Ferrell did not have an authorized account.  In my exuberance I thought that the follow was from a verified account, but upon sober reflection, it was not.  

So, where does that leave us?  Slightly embarrassed that we didn't use a thoughtful approach to understand that it was not actually Will Ferrell tweeting at that account.  On the other hand, it also leaves us one of only 8 followed accounts from @Will_Ferrell who does have many funny tweets and nearly 113,000 followers.  That means that a few more folks may see our account and a few may follow us or be inspired to drink local.  It also means that it much less likely that Ron Burgundy will be stopping by the Tap Room (not impossible, but unlikely).

Thank you for your attention, support and love at this time.  We will let you know if Will Ferrell or any Will Ferrell imposters show up on our doorstep and we will be more careful about trumpeting future famous follows.

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