Thursday, December 12, 2013

Drink Local

If I say “Beer” to you, what do you think of? Maybe a 24-case of cheap beer in a cooler or maybe an advertising campaign inevitably featuring a fetching young thing promising that your life will be better if you drink his or her brand. But what if say “Drink Local” to you, or “Local Beer”? What do you think of then?

I hope you think about tasty glass of beer made by people who live in your community, but here are some other things you should think about – jobs, resources, community, and fun.

You see, the local part of Drink Local doesn’t just mean that the beer is made someplace you can get in the car and see. It also means that people who live in your community are getting paid to make the beer and put it in a keg or bottle. It also means that all of the people who provide other needed services to the brewery, from construction to refrigeration to bookkeeping to marketing to sales to whatever are also people who live in your community. That means the money you spend with a local brewery is not just going to them, but it gets multiplied many times as the brewery re-spends it on wages and services, but then all of the wages and services of those people and companies are in turn re-spent in your community.

The same thing is true of local restaurants.  Yes, it is true that all restaurants hire local people to serve your food, but the truth is that local restaurants do a LOT more to contribute to our communities with the same multiplier effect of ALL of the money being in our community instead of going back to the corporate coffers in Shitbucket, Texas or Officepark, Florida (it's a well-known fact that most chain restaurants are headquartered in one of these two places).

The bottom line is, actually, the bottom line.  Spend your money in our community and it will make our community more prosperous and, in turn, make you more prosperous.  To me, that just makes sense.  Who would think that raising a glass of local beer (or wine) at a local restaurant can actually make you and your community a better place, but it does.  And when that is the result of hoisting a glass of beer, that is good clean fun.

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