Saturday, September 28, 2013

This shit is too, too good to pass up

I did Music Saturday for a bit.  Then I stopped.  But a few people said, "Hey, you were shining a beacon on deserving music, spreading sunshine and making my Saturday a better place.  Could you do more Saturday music?"  So I say, "Sure, Mom. Anything for you."

And so to ease us back in, here is what is without question the best video created in this century and potentially any other.  This video is from a singularly great band sporting a new sound.  Gone is the hurdy-gurdy and in comes a Daft Punk-esque disco sound.  Throw in giant papier mache representational heads (please note I used the french spelling to be completely accurate), include the best suit to appear in a video since David Byrne's big suit, add babies being thrown from the back of a transport truck (no, not real babies), toss out all manner of deeply introspective symbolism casting a sparkly light on the dichotomy between our inner and outer selves, and mix it together with a melange of mysticism (I really just wanted to get "melange" into that sentence) and you have this totally wonderful video with which I am deeply in love.

Without further ado, please enjoy - Arcade Fire - Reflektor.

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