Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dead, Gone, Alive or What?

First, the brewery is alive and well.  The blogger, however, has been struggling on this account.  First, a long-anticipated vacation and then a long-lasting flu.  Neither helped blogging output, so an apology.

In the meantime, we have hired a new brewer who starts next week.  With a biology degree in hand and brewing school in Germany, he should be a nice addition to our team.  More about him soon.  Also, a very kind thank you to everyone who applied and those who interviewed.  We narrowed the list to four people to interview in the first round and all four would have brought something unique to the brewery, so it was hard to say "no" to these fine fellows, along with the other applicants.

Next, we are teasing this along, but the first bit of news is that we have secured a space for a Tasting Room - finally.  As mentioned here before, our focus has been on supporting the people who are making serving beer alongside great food and in great places.  We want to leave the restaurant business to people who love restaurants as much as we love making beer, so our Tasting Room will be just that - a place to taste our beer.  We will serve pretzels or something salty to while away a few minutes and some brewskis, but we will be shuffling you out the door to the many places pouring our beer to eat, drink and be merry beyond that.  More details soon on the rest of the Tasting Room stuff as they are available.

And lastly, while it's getting blogged, tweeted, facebooked and maybe even my-spaced (no, I'm kidding, no one my-spaces anything anymore), keep in mind that the Inland Northwest Ale Trail is 1) alive and well -; the official kick-off is tonight -; and our resident go-to-guy guest blogged about it at Visit Spokane -

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