Monday, July 8, 2013

Downtown Crit

There was a cool bike race downtown in Spokane this weekend.  The River City Red team was well represented and had some great results.  Ben Tobin also took some cool pictures, which he has posted here:

Congrats to all of our guys racing.

Pro/1/2 - Pat O'Neil - 7th

Cat 3 - Richie Frahm - 2nd; Andrei Mylroie - 5th; Josh Messinger and Dana Harper

Cat 4/5 - Bill Knudsen - 2nd; Rocky Lobdell - 6th; Ryan Pursley - 13th; Andy Lukes

Masters 40+ - Travis Coleman - 1st; Pat Kautzman - 9th; John Siok - 10th; Brad Hamby - 12th; Josh Messinger and Mark Kraby

Masters 60+ - Sam Joseph - 4th; Ken Hunt - 5th

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