Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Clocktower Imperial IPA – It’ll Ring your Bell

Wow, can't believe I overlooked this.  We have a limited edition beer out at tap handles right now.  River City Brewing’s first limited edition beer is our Clocktower Imperial IPA.  We feel compelled to warn you that it will “ring your bell” because like all imperial-style beers, this one packs a punch with 8.7% ABV.  Some imperial IPA’s hit just one note strongly – alcohol, but ours is a symphony of flavors starting with citrusy hops and rich malt combined with the big kick of a typical imperial.  The citrus aroma comes from Cascade hops, along with notes from the Alpha, Bravo and Nugget hops used four times in the brew and once more at the end of the fermentation process.  The color is a rich copper from our combination of 2-row malted barley.  The final result is a robust, bright imperial IPA.

Here are the numbers for you data geeks: OG 19.6; FG 2.8; IBU 101; ABV 8.7%.

And, for everyone who wants to taste it, and believe me, you DO want to drink this beer, here are the places that have a keg (usual disclaimer - can't guarantee whether the keg is tapped yet or if it has been consumed yet):
  • Manito Tap House
  • Lantern Tap House
  • The Viking Tavern
  • Total Wine & More
  • Rocket Natural Market
  • Enoteca
  • JJ's Grill
  • Vintage Vine
  • Zola (part of our Tap Takeover TODAY (if you are reading this 7/24) 

So get out there, damnit, and enjoy one of these super-fine imperial IPA's.  And while you are there, thank these places for supporting local beer.  It'll make both of you feel good.  Or maybe it's the 8.7% ABV, but in any case, you will feel good.

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