Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday Music - Queen Edition

It may not make sense to you, but that's okay, because it makes perfect sense to me and I am the one who gets to write the words.  Last week for Saturday music, we got to hear from the Queen, the Queen of Soul, that is.  This week, from Queen.

The leap of time and space makes sense not only because of the names, but they are both really remarkable singers.  Just listen to anyone, and I mean ANYONE, else sing a song that you have heard Freddie Mercury sing and you can see just how damn talented he was.  I miss lots of rock musicians that should still be alive, but Freddie Mercury is definitely up that list.

Let's start with their biggest song that is really actually good (yes, that is a dis on We are the Champions and We Will Rock You).

Now, one that really features Freddie Mercury singing the hell out of it.

And finally, a disclaimer for this song. It is not factually true that Fat Bottomed Girls rule the world. They probably should, but for some reason I was forced to give this particular disclaimer several years ago. I guess you had to be there. Just listen to the music.

He was glorious, wasn't he?

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