Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday Music - Bicycle Edition

"Hey, wait a minute. Wait a good gol-durn minute here!", said readers of the blog last Saturday. "That just isn't right! How can you do that?!?"

"What?," I responded.  "Don't you love Freddie Mercury as much as I do?"

"Of course we do," blog readers said in unison, "but how the hell can you feature Queen on blog that features BIKES AND NOT FEATURE BICYCLE RACE!"

"Excellent question, dear blog readers," I said with a look of bemusement on my face, "because," I continued, "I wanted to feature the bicycle racing songs together."

"What do you mean by the word 'songs' in that sentence, amigo?", said blog readers, who like to spice up their language with foreign words.

"I mean, the only two songs I can think of, leaving out, of course, the theme song to American Flyers (because I adore my blog readers rather than want to punish them), are Bicycle Race and Kraftwerk's Tour de France."

So without further ado, and let's be honest, there has been plenty of ado so far, the music part of Music Saturday.  First up, Kraftwerk.

Why Kraftwerk first?  Because I was hoping the kids would go to bed while that was playing because this next video feature gratuitously naked women.  And when I say "gratuitously", I really mean ridiculous and unnecessary.  Oh, that's what gratuitous actually means?  Well then, you've been warned.

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