Thursday, June 27, 2013

Q & A with a Cycling Widow

 This week we have had a few days of questions and answers from Dr. Spalm.  For a little balance, we have a guest advice columnist from someone who only identified herself as a Cycling Widow.  Hopefully it's all in good fun.

Question - I am interested in hitting my peak for a 45-mile, hilly race in June, so I understand I should be building base miles right now. How long should I be riding right now in January and February? The weather is a bit tough where I live for rides longer than 2-3 hours.

Answer - This is a very good question for all cyclists. How many hours should you be spending on your bike in January and February? I have a question for you. How many hours should you be spending with your children during January and February? How many home projects should you be putting off in January and February? If you have no children and no home projects, then by all means you should be ridding your ass off this time of year, otherwise, let's talk priorities!

Question - I have seen pictures of the CSC/Saxo Bank riders standing in a cold pool after riding, which apparently has some training benefit. Can you explain what soaking in a cold pool after a training ride does physiologically?

Answer - Do you seriously have time to stand in a cold pool after riding?! You are spending enough time on that bike that I cannot imagine you are considering doing anything but getting off the thing and spending time with your children. You do realize that one of their parents has to help with homework, get meals ready, and keep this house together? Cold pool? How about frosty reception!

Question - I have a knee issue that comes up every year when I get back on my bike. It usually goes away when I back off the miles a bit and stretch regularly, but one of my riding buddies suggest that I go to a yoga class 2-3 times a week to help with my flexibility and joint strength. Would you agree?

Answer - By all means, go to a yoga class two or three times a week to balance out all that time you spend by yourself and with your cycling buddies. That should be a great cure! You should also think about standing in a cold pool followed by a lengthy massage. Just live the dream and pretend you are a full-time professional cyclist. Or at least the dream that your "hobby" deserves to soak up every minute and every dollar you have!

Question - Cycling Widow, you seem a bit bitter. Is there anything we can do, that is, anything that doesn't involve riding our bikes less?

Answer - I think the question speaks for itself.

Team Level Disclaimer - The above post does not represent the views of any of the spouses of team riders, or the spouses or significant others of any riders we personally know. We are blessed to have tremendously beautiful, smart and supportive spouses, but we have heard stories about less fortunate souls. Our prayers are with them.

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