Thursday, May 2, 2013

Updates, Beer News and a little Beer Trivia

For those of you who joined us along the way, here is a brief update on the state of the brewery.  We spent most of 2012 either planning, licensing or constructing.  We spent January of this year making first batches of beer, testing some recipes and generally getting up to speed.  We started selling beer in February and we managed to double the amount of beer sold to retail establishments from February to March and almost again from March to April.  That is the benefit of starting with a small number, but it also indicates that people are liking the beer and we are making progress getting it into our local market.  There are obviously thanks to be made in-house, to our whole small team that jumped in on 10,000 tasks, but there are also big, big thanks to you in reader-land for finding, trying and drinking our beers - River City Red, River City IPA, Girlfriend Golden Ale, Coeur d'Alene Huckleberry and Coeur d'Alene VB Stout.

We also know that more people are paying attention and following along as we have a growing number of twitter followers (@RiverCityRed), a growing number of Facebook likes (, and a fast growing readership of this blog (nearly 450% increase from January - again the value of starting with a small number).

We certainly haven't hit our full stride yet, but we are making progress and appreciate your support along the way.

We have, however, managed to get a few things under our belt and are ready to take on a couple of new projects.  This week we brewed an Imperial IPA that is projected to be right at 9% ABV and 95-100 IBUs.  Unlike our more session oriented River City IPA, we are looking at a big, serious Imperial that will satisfy the hard-core hop heads with our River City ClockTower IPA (It'll ring your bell).  It will be available later this summer for a limited run.  Stay tuned here for more information.

We are also working on a variation of our River City Red, but kicked up a notch to be a maltier, stronger Scotch ale for a one-off run benefiting a local non-profit and slated for arrival in late August.  Also, same bat channel, same bat time for more information (that just means to keep reading the blog, reading our Facebook status or our tweets).

And, for a bit of fun, we came up a some beer trivia questions for an outing Friday night at the Sidebar and Grill.  Check out their Facebook page (here) for information and look for the trivia questions to be posted here or on the various social media after they get used tonight.

And last, but not least, we are bowing to public requests and looking closely at a tasting room or tap room for the brewery.  We are slightly trepidatious but mostly excited.  Look for more news on that topic right here in the coming weeks.

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