Thursday, May 23, 2013

Speed Training

After failing with conventional methods, the River City Red Cycling Team has turned to slightly less conventional training methods.  Some of our training methods have been adopted by others.  For instance, after a "Deliverance" style training camp led by Rider Two, we later learned that CSC/Saxo Bank started standing in cold water after training.  They didn't realize it was more about escape instead of swelling, but that is the price paid for early adopters.

In our latest experiment, after using power meters for years, TC has finally decided to reverse engineer this into metered power.  We knew that motor-pacing was a sound way to increase one's speed and high-level endurance, but we have taken this to a whole new level.  There are rumors that Fabian Cancellara has adopted this technique in a more subtle way, but the originators deserve recognition.

Thus, we bring you the latest combined sprint/high-speed workout from River City Red Cycling:

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