Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Shit Beer Drinkers Say

I came across this video thanks to Josh from our distributor, Click Distributing East.  In addition to being a very smart and personable guy, Josh also knows good beer and wine in a way that puts him among the most knowledgeable in the region.  This video, however, is more about funny than about education.

As a sidenote, to find this video after seeing it the first time I googled "shit beer geeks say". It turns out that there are many takes on this and almost all of them are bad. As a customer service for you, our beloved readers, I watched 20-30 beer-related videos to find some companion pieces to this one. I discovered that there is an incredibly huge gargantuan volume of total crap on YouTube. Sure, you know that in an abstract way, right? But even in one tiny dicing of the several billion videos online, they are almost all crap. Just thought you would want to know that this blog does 1) research - which up until now there was no proof of and no one would have thought possible and 2) we care enough to only serve up tasty helpings of pre-approved video.

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