Friday, May 24, 2013

Riverside State Park Raffle

River City Red Cycling Team member and all-around good guy, Dan DeRuyter (don't let the fact that he is an attorney deter you from believing this, I mean not "every" lawyer has to be a prick, right?), has worked with Eric Barrett (Mountain Gear - yeah, local!) to put together a raffle to support the Riverside State Park Foundation.  What, you say, there is a RSP Foundation?  Why, yes, there is, and not surprisingly it helps keep that great local asset in good shape in an age of plummeting public funding for parks.

So, combining a couple of Dan's (and Eric's) favorite things, mountain biking and beer, they came up with a raffle of a stainless steel, insulated growler and 10 growler fills.  The tickets are $5 each and they are only selling 100 tickets total.  Seems like good odds and a great prize, but here is the only catch - Dan and friends have already sold most of the tickets but if you find the campsite for Team Da Rider (which is alongside Team Little Ring, Team Mountain Gear and Team Hoptimizers) on the first turn of the 24 Hour Course (in Riverside State Park - see how this works), then you can snag a remaining ticket and have a chance to win when the prices are drawn at the finishing ceremony for the 24 Hour race.

With this deal, you get growler fills from Flying Goat (2), River City Brewing (2)(Hey! That's us!), JJ's Bar and Grill (2), The Hop Shop (2), No-Li Brewhouse (1) and Manito Tap House (1).  And yeah, the poster below came out a bit wonky, but what do you expect from an unfrozen caveman blogger?

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