Tuesday, May 7, 2013

River City Red Cycling

Last year the brewery had two things - construction bills and a cycling team.  This year, we have beer and a cycling team, which is a much better combination.  It is, however, a fair criticism leveled against us that it was somewhat of the wrong order to have a cycling team ahead of beer, when the group spent the year riding and racing with jerseys that proudly proclaimed "River City Red" as the team name.

It was a leap of faith to come together as a team to promote a product that didn't exist and none of them had even tried.  So, for that, I thank the whole crew who jumped on board before we started brewing and drinking beer.  I sincerely hope that they are enjoying the results after the wait. I don't expect that River City Red will be the favorite beer of everyone one of these guys, but hopefully the brewery has done them proud.  The converse is certainly true.
2012 Wenatchee - Suffering and having fun - it's an art form.

Last year, the list of accomplishments, trophies, awards and damn fine racing was nothing short of impressive.  We built the team around one simple rule - no assholes.  That rule served us well in that the very few assholes with sufficient self-reflection to know that they were assholes volunteered for the team and, probably more importantly, it indicated that we were trying to build a team of riders and racers that were, indeed, not assholes, but also had a sense of humor and would keep the whole thing in perspective.  We wanted racers who were good racers (hold your line, understand drafting, understand good racing as opposed to negative racing, not chase down teammates, etc.) and we wanted riders who helped make the whole thing a bit of fun.  Since none of us are earning a paycheck on this deal, that seems important.  I mean, it's supposed to be fun, right?  Otherwise, why are we here?

And, to that end, the team has succeeded incredibly.  We have a group of guys who like to train and race together; we walk away from most races proud of the effort and tactics; and, very nicely for everyone involved, we have walked away with an impressive list of wins and placings both last year and so far this year.

I would like to do justice to all of the people and all of the stories, but the truth is, I don't know all of the placings and stories.  We share bits and pieces of information about the races and results, but the whole story mostly gets shared on rides and over beers.  No one, unfortunately, does a good job of recording all of the wins and placements, much less all of the stories.  We had Tuesday night series winners individually last year, series team victories in a couple of categories, a whole bunch of impressive individual wins including Scoot Proost's 1st place in the Washington State Master's Road Race Championship, Cat. 4/5.  This year that trend has continued with quality rides by the team in the Tuesday night races,  doing things like getting 4 of the top 6 places at the Walla Walla Stage Race Men's Cat 5 and Richie Frahm picking up a win this last weekend at the Washington State Master's Criterium Championship, Cat. 5.

So, starting today, you can find the list of racers and riders on the team on our Cycling Team Page - http://rivercityred.blogspot.com/p/cycling-team.html and for every one of the team who sends us results, we will get them added and updated as the season progress.  So drop us a line and let us remember our victories and our fun.  And thanks for riding together as River City Red Cycling.

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