Thursday, May 9, 2013

More Proof That Beer is Good for You (Warning - This headline not proof of anything)

Friend of River City Brewing, J McB, sent along an e-mail recently.  It included a link to this article that says just the opposite of the headline, which is that Exercise Helps Moderate Brain Damage from Drinking (

If you take the time to read through this article, it talks about the way drinking excessively does the same thing to your brain that already happens with aging; it shrinks your brain and damages the connections.  At a minimum, these things combine to make your brain function less well and at a maximum cause you to act like (insert name of your favorite comedic punching bag).  But, and here is the good news, exercise may help moderate this impact.  The article says that exercise may help with the impact of both aging and excessive drinking and is more effective than the mental exercises that were the "scientific" discovery of the hour a several months ago when suddenly the aged were supposed to take up Sudoku in earnest to stave off dementia.*

*Two quick disclaimers - first, I don't know anything about the doctor, the study or the area generally, and two, I summarized the article for my own purposes, so please feel free to not send me an e-mail explaining any of the above.

The thing that strikes me about this article is that it should go into a folder entitled "Oh Yeah," or "Of Course."  (Sidenote - My folder entitled "Hey Ya!" is way more fun than my "Oh Yeah" folder.)  In my Of Course folder you will find other revelations like,
  • People who exercise are healthier
  • People who eat in moderation are healthier
  • Eating fewer chemicals, preservatives and fried foods leads to fewer diseases, conditions and idiocy
  • Having regard for people other than yourself leads to a more satisfying life and relationships
  • Too much of __________ (enter anything) is not good for you
I'm not saying that it's not nice to have reminders or that these things shouldn't be studied.  It is and they should.  I'm saying that in the midst of our lives, it would be worthwhile to consider some basic common sense in making decisions about our lives and lifestyles.  Excess anything, from consuming Oreos to weight lifting, is not good for you.  Our bodies do better with too much of some things, but please, people, use some sense and recognize that combining some exercise with reasonable eating and some alcohol to relax and enjoy life is a better path than abstention or excess of any of them.
Pretzels are good too.

So, to me, this article says two things - exercise is good for you and beer is good for you, because the article is a reminder that moderate consumption of a beverage made from water, barley and hops is a natural and reasonable way to relax, socialize and make your life better.  Craft beer is all about quality over quantity, and that, my friends, has to be good for you.*

*This message is not only not approved by the FDA or any other arm of the federal or state government, it is strictly prohibited.  Do not take this statement or any other on this blog to have any factual basis in reality or alternative dimensions.  Do not follow the advice in this blog.  Do not click on the links in this blog.  Do not read this blog.  Really.  Stop now.  Do not read these words.  Damnit!  I said to stop.  Now go outside and play.

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