Thursday, May 16, 2013


Blogging is an odd thing to do.  It takes time and energy.  It doesn't require talent or planning, but it is better with those things.

It is also odd that it is almost a thing of the past.  A few years ago we were reading about the boom of Mommy bloggers or Hollywood gossip bloggers.  We were reading about those folks making money and that lead to a boom of industry bloggers, corporate bloggers, niche bloggers, etc.  The internet was awash with words on every topic.  And it was good, for a while.

I liked that people started beer blogs and bike blogs, and that scads of other blogs covered stuff that popped up on my radar screen and I wanted to know more about it. All of a sudden, there was an enthusiast source for information on any damn thing you wondered about.  I owned a 2001 or 2002 BMW R1150 GS Adventure for a while.  I bought it used and knew little about it, except that I wanted it.  The wonder of the internet led me immediately to thousands of words on every aspect of the bike, it's difference and changes from prior models to successor models, what was likely to go wrong, how to fix it, where to ride it and anything else I could hope to wonder about it.  It was a revolution of information transfer.

Probably none of those folks, or at least only a few of them, thought that they were going to make a living just posting information about BMW motorcycles, but there were people having adventures on them and selling books or movies or tv shows or appearances, so maybe there was room for an adventure motorcycle blogger to eak out a living and ride motorcycles, eh?  But alas, that notion passed and, more importantly, it was discovered that it really is hard to have something interesting to write about regularly, particularly when your topic is very narrow or limited in scope.

That is why, quite honestly, that you will read on this blog about a variety of things that interest me, from beer to bikes to beer to motorcycles to beer, and well, beer again.  But anyway, this is a brewery right? 

But even as this blog lives and breathes, many others are filled with posts that start with "Sorry for the long break, but this time I really am going to be good about posting."  Ominously, those posts tend to be the latest entry and at least 6 months old.  And, the young'uns all seem to have moved to Pinterest or Tumblr, where they don't so much write or create something as just repost and repost and respost.  I suspect that there is an Orwellian factory someplace that churns out the pictures and posts just so that everyone from 15-25 doesn't recognize what a shit-box of an economy or world that they are inheriting, but in any case, with Tumblr you can "create" your own space, fill your inbox with sexually suggestive questions and bond with the electronic world.  But, I think because it's hard, or maybe useless, fewer people are generating "traditional" blogs these days. 

This one will hang on while you read it, while it's fun, while it serves a purpose, but it does strike me as an odd thing to do some days.

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