Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Meet the Brewery - Greg Edition

Greg is next up in our hit parade of folks that make up River City Brewing.  Greg is officially the Assistant Brewer, but sometimes we joke about calling him the chief technical officer.  Maybe part MacGyver and part Scottie from Star Trek, when he isn't doing all the "normal" stuff at the brewery (like brewing, filtering, kegging, cleaning, etc., etc.) he is figuring out how to make our equipment work better, solve a problem, be more efficient or, and this is also well appreciated, help us save a buck or two.

That's Greg with the paddle.
Cody and Greg really work as a team on most things, including solving the various operational and equipment needs, so I don't want to over-emphasize one over the other too much, but together they make a great team and we are lucky to have them.

Like Cody, Greg was raised in Hayden, Idaho.  He also started as a homebrewer, taking up the hobby in 1994, and started brewing commercially in 1996 as a partner in Hollister Mountain Brewing.  He has also taken courses at UC Davis.  He has had stints in a few other areas and brings a wide range of mechanical and technical knowledge to his job.  So, without further delay, let's let Greg answer a few questions about himself.

What attracted you to brewing as work, rather than a hobby? I started making home brew and it tasted better than any beer I could buy.  Later on I decided I might be able to make some money at it.

Greg eyeing an instrument, probably thinking about how to improve it.
What is your favorite beer that you have made?  The 2009 Coeur d'Alene Brewing Octoberfest. That was a kick ass beer.

What is your favorite non-brewing aspect of your job? I like the projects and engineering around the brewery, making something out of nothing.

Greg, eying an instrument.  Probably thinking about how to improve it.
Can you tell us a TV show that you either love or hate?  I hate all game shows.

What do you like to do when you aren’t at the brewery?  Lots of fishing, hunting and camping. Sometimes I'm kind of a gentleman rancher, but not quite since I’m out of livestock now.

Cody and Greg mashing in (Greg on the right)
What else do you like about the beer business?I love how much there is to know about beer and beer brewing and how you’re never standing still. Styles keep evolving and everyone keeps trying new things.  I also like trying to anticipate what the beer drinking public will want, making new beers and seeing how it is received. 

Greg is a valued member of the team.  Incredibly dependable and always thinking about how to make our processes a bit better or more efficient.  Glad to have him aboard.

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