Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Meet the Brewery - Emily Edition

Emily adding hops to VB Stout.

Next up in Round Two of Meet the Brewery is Emily.  Emily is, by far, the newest member of the brewery since she is still noting her time in weeks or months, compared the several years that the rest of us have been around.  That, however, has not stopped her from making a big impact in her short time.

Despite the pictures here, Emily is not a brewer.  She spent a day last week in the brewery helping to brew a batch of VB Stout because that is the kind of enthusiasm that she shows every day and she wants to learn everything she can.  And that is important, because her job covers a wide range of duties, from helping to support operations by ordering supplies, helping with marketing/advertising/promotion decisions, and single-handedly making up the sales department.  Thankfully, Emily is up to it all.

But rather than a Q&A, let's let Emily introduce herself.  Last year was a big one for her, but ultimately led to her to her job with the brewery in 2013.

I was born and raised in the small town of Florence, Montana.  I moved to Cheney to attend EWU, where I graduated with Human Resources Management in 2010. After graduation, I started work as a Recruiting Assistant with a local staffing agency. Within four months on the job, I had been promoted to Head Recruiter, had a team of 3 that worked under me, and was personally responsible for 200+ stores in 5 states working with 10 Area Sales Managers for a particular account we had. Things were going wonderful and I was gaining a plethora of information and experience. Life was good.

Then in February of 2012 (the beginning of a major roller coaster of a year), almost our entire office was laid off due to the loss of a major account.  I was devastated and didn’t know what I was going to do next.  Fortunately for me, in the middle of my “What now?” period, I had a trip planned to visit my brother in Italy for two weeks in May.  I just decided to enjoy the break that had been forced upon me.  I started riding my bike a ton around town, I was up to nearly 25 miles a day before my trip, swimming, and just generally enjoying my time.

After I got back from Italy, I decided to go visit my parents in Montana for a weekend.  While I was there, I was unfortunately a passenger in a car that left the highway at high speed in a one-car accident.  I was thrown through the sunroof while the car rolled over repeatedly.  I broke my back, my neck, a rib, the base of my left thumb and had to have 19 staples put into my head. I had surgery and had two titanium rods and four screws placed into my back to fix my broken vertebrae.  Amazingly, I was lucky to start recovering like a champ.  I spent three months in a back and neck brace, and another month recovering at home before I was released to go back to normal life.  

I started looking around for a job and was thrilled to find a posting for a job with a brewery under construction but looking for someone to help with office administration.  Coming from Montana with a great craft beer scene and being the daughter of a certified beer snob, I was really thrilled to have a chance to work in a brewery, but in a continuation of my year of ups and downs, I got a follow-up e-mail after I submitted my resume letting me know that they had filled the position internally.  The e-mail went on to say that he wasn't sure if it made it better or worse, but I had been on the list to interview.  Well shoot.  I replied by asking to keep me in mind for future available positions and to be sure that if he made it in to Missoula to stop in and see a few brewery owners that I knew and tell them I said to come say hello.  After that I accepted a position doing recruiting for another local company. 

Emily cleaning the Mash Tun. Always with a smile.
Again, fast forward three months. I was working one day and got an email that caught my eye. It was from the brewery again. This time saying that they had another position available and asked if I was still looking. Now, even though I was working and thoroughly enjoyed the job and the people I was working for, this was not something I wanted to pass up, so I went in for an interview. Then another interview. A few weeks passed and a few emails went back and forth saying they still hadn’t decided what to do. And then, at last, I finally got an email saying that he wanted to offer me a full time position with the brewery starting in January.  I was more excited to get that news than I had been in a year.  I may or may not have screamed like a little girl at an octave that probably made dogs howl.  Let just say I did a victory dance that would have put the top five NFL victory dances to shame. 

The year 2012 was a massive roller coaster of ups and down for me personally but lead to me having this amazing position with the brewery where I literally handle or am a part of every aspect of the operation. I do marketing, sales, inventory, ordering supplies and merchandise, help decide what to brew next, run errands for the brewers, help out with the cycling team we sponsor, and thirteen thousand other miscellaneous tasks. Its a whirlwind of activities and professional experience that I am loving.  I honestly am not sure how I got this job, but then I remind myself, it’s because I’m awesome (yes, I'm kidding, but I always say that).  I can honestly say that I love my job more every day than the day before. You can spend five minutes talking to me about it and can feel the enthusiasm that I have for it radiating from me.

Losing a great job, taking a great trip to Italy, being in a horrible accident followed by three months in a back and neck brace, recovering amazingly well, not getting a job you wanted and then getting a job you want - that would fill up more than a year for most people, but Emily likes to pack a lot into her time.  We also think she is amazing and are very glad to have her on the team.  If you have a bar or restaurant, hopefully you will see Emily soon stopping in to talk about River City Brewing and drinking local.  

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  1. Emily does a good job at the tasting promos. Keep up the good work.