Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Guest Post - Sam Waples

Sam on two individual podiums, a team podium and with the secret to his success.

Sam Waples is a rider for the WWU Racing Team.  They just finished an excellent season capped by a couple of race wins a week ago.  Sam will moonlight this summer racing with the River City Red team, but here are some comments and pictures from the last weekend of racing.

From Sam:

The end of the collegiate season has FINALLY arrived!  It was an awesome season varying from 65 degree sunny days to 27 degrees and snowing! This weekend was successful for all of us, however. 

On Saturday's RR, there was a lead group 3 minutes out and unfortunately we didn't have any riders in it. So with 25 miles left my teammate and I attacked and began the bridge in a headwind. With 7 miles left in the race we caught the break away and passed them on the hill climb where were continued on. In the end we took 1st AND 2nd and had a 2 minute gap in front of the closest chasing group.

The Afternoon TTT was FAST. We had a tailwind, crosswind and of course the dreaded headwind. We set the fastest time on the course by 20 seconds, which confirms our undefeated season.  [Editor's Note - Wow!  Undefeated Season!  That's impressive!  It warranted three consecutive exclamation points! Oops, now four and counting!]

The next morning was the 45 minute University of Idaho Criterium. Right off the bat on the 3rd lap there was a prime sprint and that split the group. I sprinted for it and set myself out in a lone break. I decided to just stay out there until someone bridged to me. Eventually we were up to a 6 man break which stayed together until the final 5 laps when both teams started playing team tactics. Both other teams in the break (UO and UW) let a man go off the front of the break. After 3 chasing laps I pulled them in on the final lap and took the final sprint.

That is either intensity, or pain, or both.
It was a crazy fun weekend and I feel 100% ready for the summer season with RCR now! I look forward to the next tour everyone is doing and plan on being there! 

*Something to be noted... Saturday night I had a River City Red at the Moscow Ale House. I think there is a direct correlation between winning and drinking River City Red.

SAM - While we MAY be prohibited by federal law from agreeing that drinking River City Red will lead directly to wining bike races, your experience is powerful evidence to the effect.  We may pass this along to Dr. Spalm for further scientific (not medical) studies.

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