Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Packfiller Podcast

Last week we had the chance to combine a couple of my favorite things in the world - beer and bikes.  Now, I would normally strongly advocate against combining drinking alcohol and anything two-wheeled, but this was different.  We were engaging in one and talking about the other.  Happens when I ride my bike and we talk about beer, but today it was the happy combination of drinking beer and talking bikes.

This time, however, was quite different than the several hundred other times I have done that.  This time someone purposely recorded the conversation and made it available for you to listen to it.  Why?  I can't really explain that, but I do know who did it and where to find it.

The Packfiller Podcast is a production of Packfiller Productions, a company that primarily does live announcing for sports events, but also produces a podcast that mostly (but a long way from exclusively) talks about cycling.  Here is what they say about themselves:
Packfiller Productions has been a live event announcing and multimedia entertainment organization since 1999. The company aims to bring the highest live event entertainment and quality announcing services, along with laughs, information, and news from the outdoor lifestyle. Our services provide a true spirit of fun, professionalism, and encouragement to all competitors. Promoters of events we announce constantly comment on the ‘spirit of fun’ that our announcing provides, and brings back participants year after year.
Packfiller Productions offers announcing services that can make your event truly special, along with the ability to broadcast your event LIVE on either our web site, or yours. Friends and family can watch competitors from anywhere in the world! Our announcers have over 25 years of quality experience, ranging from World and National Championships to great, hometown venues.
So, in part because of the brewery support for cycling, but also because they strongly suspected that we would provide free beer samples, we were invited to talk about our beer, do a tasting with Pat and Mark (Mark Hodgson) and be guests on the Packfiller Podcast.  Actually, we did the podcast in two parts, with the first being an interview with those of us who work at the brewery and the second being people drinking beer and talking about cycling, but including the founders of the cycling club.  To hear the second part, go to iTunes or one of the other podcast broadcasters or go here: http://packfiller.com/2013/03/08/on-location-with-beer/

To hear the first part, um, well, this is embarrassing, but the recording file was corrupted and we have to re-record that part.  It is possible, in my mind at least, that Pat corrupted the file on purpose as a way of getting us to provide him with more beer, but he says that is not the case.  I even promised more beer if I didn't have to do it again, but that didn't make him change his tune, so maybe there really is something wrong with recording, but we are getting together with him soon and talking about beer again, so stay tuned, same bat-channel, same bat-blog, for more news as it develops.

In the meantime, enjoy the podcast and go to Packfiller's Facebook page and let them know whether to invite us back again.

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