Sunday, March 10, 2013

Seasonals and One-Offs

And finally, a beer listing for beers that are like the Ghost of Christmases yet to come.  Beer that doesn't exist today, but will eventually.  And as Scrooge learned, you can still impact the outcome of those things that will be.  How, you ask?  No, not by yelling out your window to a passing child, but by e-mailing us at gage at inland nw brewing dot com and telling us what you want to see us make.

In the meantime, there are a few beers that are likely to make an appearance.  We are already talking about an Imperial IPA for a mid-to-late summer debut.  And, in the category of higher alcohol "big" beers, we are also talking about a barley wine for the winter.  Because of the conditioning time of beers like these, they have to be planned well in advance, so the discussions have already started.

And, speaking of winter beers, the Coeur d'Alene Brewing Company Frozen Lake was a well-received winter warmer, so that is also likely to make at least a limited appearance.

The other beer that get mentioned occasionally in the brewery is a cream ale.  I'm not really a big fan of cream ales, but we did create a legendary cream ale once.  It was legendary in that it existed primarily in legend.  That is because the entire batch was spilled down the drain and not one person got to taste even a sip of it.  A non-brewery person passing through the brewery accidentally hit a handle on an outlet for the conditioning tank and when the beer started coming out, they did just the opposite thing it takes to close the valve and managed to remove the valve.  Not surprisingly, with several hundred gallons of beer forcing its way out, the valve wouldn't fit back on and the person only managed to spray beer everywhere in his futile attempts to stop the flow.  At some point he gave up and watched the spectacle of hundreds of gallons of beer foaming, spilling, spraying and then spiraling down the floor drain.  To this day, the brewers involved will tell you that is was the singularly greatest beer ever created anywhere by anyone, but unfortunately for history, no one got to taste it.  We have never tried a cream ale since for fear of not being able to recreate the legendary status of the prior batch.

The long and short of it; we are just getting started and looking forward to more beers coming from the brewhouse over the coming months.  Stay tuned.

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