Friday, March 1, 2013

River City IPA

River City IPA – You can’t call yourself a brewery in the Pacific Northwest without making a great IPA.  River City’s IPA stands tall in the tradition of India Pale Ales but with the Northwest’s desire to celebrate the tangy hops grown in the Yakima Valley and sent all over the world.  We add hops five times during the making of this beer.  We add Nugget and Cascade hops for bittering, then more Cascade hops for flavoring late in the boil, include a final dose of Cascade and Bravo hops at the finish for aroma and then dry hop after fermentation with more Bravo hops.  Nearly a pound and a half of hops are used for every single keg of this beer, so let’s hope that it preserves us as well as the beer.  The River City IPA starts strong and floral on the nose and then the earthy spice of the hop grabs your tongue.  In a part of the world that can’t seem to get enough hops, this beer will quench your thirst along with your hop desires.  O.G. – 12.5 - 13.0 / I.B.U. – 65 / A.B.V. - 5.3%   

All of our beers are made with regional ingredients – water from the Spokane aquifer, grains from the region and malted just north of the border, hops from the Yakima Valley and yeast originated in Oregon.  Each one is hand-crafted in our downtown brewery and is the result of years of tasting, testing and experience.  We love making beer, talking about beer and, yes, drinking beer. 


  1. Is there anywhere to get growlers of your beers? Didn't sound like Rocketmart has them yet. Thanks.

  2. Manito Tap House has Girlfriend Golden and IPA on tap and you get purchase growlers and fills.

  3. We had an unofficial River City Red tasting at Elephant Bikes last night -- two growlers of each flavor. My favorite was this IPA. I've been sort of frustrated by the crazy hop wars that seem to be escalating with a lot of breweries lately -- and the IPA is their weapon delivery vehicle in these wars, so it was a treat to have an IPA that provide a nice body of hoppy happiness with that yummy bright finish that I associate with good-drinking IPAs.

    I was totally surprised by the Huckleberry Ale, which I expected to be overly sweet -- the last "fruit" beer I remember having was the once-ubiquitous Pyramid Apricot that everyone was pouring in the early 90's, which was too fruity for my taste, though I do (partly) credit that beer with "hooking" many people into the craft beer scene. The Huck Ale is really more fragrant of huckleberry than it is a big fruity statement of sweetness...

    The Blonde Ale was gone when I got there... a mere half-hour late; and there were at least two growlers of that. So I think that speaks for itself, but that won't stop me. I had this at your opening and loved it. I hope it's not offensive to say it reminds me of a "weighty" lager -- there's a wonderfully subversive hint of tangy-just sour flavor in there that will make this a go-to beer come summer time.

    Thanks again Gage!

  4. First, very sorry for the delay in responding. You can, as mentioned, get growler fills at Manito Tap House of the IPA and Girlfriend Golden; at Famous Ed's of the River City Red ($10 fills on Mondays); at the Flying Goat of the IPA; and, sometime in the next few weeks, growler fills of many of them at the Rocket Bakery on First & Cedar, which is adding draft handles and will feature our beers!

    Second, John, thank you sincerely for your comments. I'm glad the crowd at Elephant Bikes liked the goods. I'm sorry I missed it, but hopefully can make a future hang.