Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mark Bender - Doma Coffee

It is true that this blog is normally about beer and bicycles, but I wanted to follow up today with a message about coffee and bicycling.  A rider known to the local cycling community, Mark Bender (no known relationship to our beloved Bill Bender) has suffered a significant injury while traveling.  He is in intensive care in Hawaii awaiting stabilization so that he can come home, but not surprisingly the expense is as significant as the injuries.

Jenni Gaertner, a well-known local racer & coach, and wife of Mike Gaertner (owner of Vertical Earth) has organized a fundraiser through Doma Coffee in which Doma is donating all of the proceeds from the sales of La Bicicletta style coffee to the Bender family.  Terry Patano, owner of Doma, is a bike fanatic and great guy, so hat’s off to him for this.  Your part, if you choose to participate, is just to order a couple of pounds of coffee for $13.25 / lb ($12.50 + 6% ID sales tax).

I am going to coordinate the purchase of several pounds and will get them delivered to my office.  If you know me, send me an e-mail in the next day or two and I will get the coffee ordered and delivered to our offices.  After it arrives, I will let you know and you can collect your coffee and pay for it.  Alternatively, if you don't know me or didn't get my e-mail about this already, you can go directly to the Doma Coffee site and order it online:  All sales of this style will be included through the end of April, regardless of where or how they are ordered.  Again, hats off to Doma!

If you want more information about Mark Bender and the fundraiser, you can find info in these spots: Facebook event page, with updates on Mark’s condition -; Drunk Cyclist – where I learned about originally in a post by local photographer and DC contributor Caveman -; national media -; and other local clubs - 

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