Saturday, March 2, 2013

Huckleberry Ale

Coeur d’Alene Brewing Company – Huckleberry Ale – A long-time favorite finally makes its re-appearance.  Using the uniquely Northwest flavor of huckleberries, we match it with a blonde ale backdrop to make a flavorful and refreshing treat for your pint glass.  The beer starts with the unmistakable and strong aroma of huckleberries, but the taste of this not-sweet berry matches perfectly with crispness of the beer.  Using very mild hops, this beer really stands out as an original.  We use nothing artificial in making this beer, so enjoy its natural refreshing taste unlike anything else.  O.G. – 11.0 / I.B.U. – 10 / A.B.V. - 5.0%

All of our beers are made with regional ingredients – water from the Spokane aquifer, grains from the region and malted just north of the border, hops from the Yakima Valley and yeast originated in Oregon.  Each one is hand-crafted in our downtown brewery and is the result of years of tasting, testing and experience.  We love making beer, talking about beer and, yes, drinking beer. 

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