Monday, February 25, 2013

Thoughts during a bike ride

I went out for a bike ride.  Astonishing given my recent track record, but true.  I had some time to think.  Here is some of what I thought.

Why do my legs feel like this?  They feel heavy and sore and I have only been riding for 3 minutes.

How far over on the shoulder should I ride?  The law says to ride as far right as is safe.  With the amount of rock, gravel, broken glass and miscellaneous detritus, "as far right as is safe" puts me in the middle of traffic.

Next time a car driver complains about the government, someone should point out roads they drive on and the massive amount of work to keep them drivable and safe with de-icer and gravel all winter.  The next time a bike rider complains about the government, someone should point out that all that gravel gets cleaned up again every spring.  I'm really ready for that day.

Why is this hill so long?  Is it twice as long in February as July?  How would that work?

Did I enjoy all that food and alcohol enough to make it worthwhile to carry up this hill right now?  I'm not sure.  Maybe.  Yeah, upon further reflection, I did.

Has anyone noticed that the roads around Spokane are not great?  And by not great, I mean that third world countries would be sad about it if their roads were this bad.

What is the average time delay caused by having to slow the speed of your vehicle and then go around a bike?  It has to be less than 5 seconds in the worst of circumstances and might be just one or two seconds.  What is the average angry driver doing that makes those few seconds so precious?  What destination is so important that it's necessary to brush me with your side mirror to avoid having to slow down?  Really, the essence of this question is, why are you such an asshole?

For February, it's really nice out here.

I hope that riding in February will make it more fun to ride in June, July and August.

Should I just give up on the racing season now, before it starts, because of how slow I am today?

Should everyone be forced by law to stay off their bikes for several weeks each year to equal things up a bit for those of us who are lazy and don't ride when it is truly miserable?  How dumb is that last thought?  Very.

Lance Armstrong is, and always was, a liar and a pain in the ass. Also, Frankie Andreau is a better husband than I am.

Why do drivers who slow down to go around a cyclist feel the need to accelerate full throttle to gain back those few mph?

Hey, there is Budweiser Black Crown Lager whatever packaging by the roadside.  Pretty impressive since it's only be on the market for a couple of weeks.  Also, does having the packaging thrown out a car window mean that they hit their intended market with that beer, or completely missed it?  Because craft brew drinkers are not, broadly speaking, litterers.  

Wow, the time has flown by being outside on my bike.  On the other hand, the miles did not.

I'm looking forward to riding outside when it doesn't require 13 layers of clothing.

I'm tired. 

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