Sunday, February 24, 2013

Saturday Smart Alek

Saturday morning, I received this e-mail via our River City Red Cycling Team group,

According to the always-accurate iPhone weather forecast it looks like it’s supposed to start snowing at around 12 today.

If you’re interested, Quicksilver and I are going to meet on Aubrey White Drive to do the Riverside TT course that Ted Chauvin set up last year. There’s a Strava segment for this. Thought it might be good to get in one tough effort before next weekend...

Come join if you’d like. We’ll be there at around 10:15. It starts towards the top of the hill, just past the golf course. Total distance is just under 12 miles. Love, Mr. Millimeter.

Having other plans, for instance, avoiding a painful TT workout chief among them, I continued drinking espresso and reading the morning paper while those guys set out to hurt themselves.  As the day progressed, however, the weather got better and I got around to riding my bike.  Not being able to help pointing out that the day got nicer and the temperature warmer, and seeing from JS @ Cycling Spokane and PS from 26 Inch Slicks that I should stop and take more pictures during my rides, I sent the following along the course of my ride. 

Boy am I sorry I missed the TT ride. The snow is coming down so hard it's hurting my eyes.

Several miles later, I added this bon mot,
Now the snow is pelting my skin making it feel oddly warm. Oh how I wish I had gone earlier. 

And then, this final stop along my route, which took in Betts Road,
It is positively Shackletonian out here. I am looking for a Tonton to use as an entrail shelter. 

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