Wednesday, February 27, 2013

River City Red

River City Red – The River City Red label says it all, “Wee Bit Malty – Crisp and Clean.”  That’s the short version, but if you want to know a bit more, we can do that too.  This beer is made from five different malted, two-row barley grains to give it just the right caramel red color, then we use two different hop varieties – Nugget Hops for flavor and Liberty Hops for aroma.  The beer is well balanced between the sweetness of the malted barley and the bite of the hops.  Clean on the palate, this beer goes well with almost any food or makes a great session beer.  We can debate about whether it fits into a red, amber or Scottish category, but we can’t debate its drinkability.  O.G. – 13.6 / I.B.U. – 16 / A.B.V. - 5.6%

All of our beers are made with regional ingredients – water from the Spokane aquifer, grains from the region and malted just north of the border, hops from the Yakima Valley and yeast originated in Oregon.  Each one is hand-crafted in our downtown brewery and is the result of years of tasting, testing and experience.  We love making beer, talking about beer and, yes, drinking beer. 

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