Friday, February 15, 2013

Growler Bike - Yeah, Really.

And now for something completely different.

My occasional beer-drinking, occasional bike-riding, always funny friend TW sent me a link a couple of days ago for, yes, the Growler Bike.  What is, exactly, a Growler Bike, you ask?  I suppose you ask that question because your eyes are so focused on these compelling words that you haven't noticed any pictures below this paragraph, so let me explain.

A Growler Bike is a combination of a bike AND a growler.  Well, I guess that would turn into a bike growler, so maybe it's more properly described as a growler AND a bike.

No, that isn't quite right either.  That makes it sound like you can ride a growler with handlebars and pedals, or even worse, that you can fill up your bike with beer and then drink it later.  Maybe it would be better if I just stopped distracting you with mesmerizing words and let you see the picture.

So, as you can now see, it is concept bike designed around the need to carry oneself to a local pub, tote along your growler, fill it and then return home.  And just in case you don't get the application of the growler within the frame, here is a close-up of said growler frame attachment system.

As Miley Cyrus on SNL would say, "pretty cool."

And sure, the haters out there are saying things like, "What, you don't own a backpack so you have to buy a new bike to carry a growler?"  Or, "Are you sure the pedals would clear the sides of the growler?"  Or, "Do you really need an I-beam through the middle of the bike to hold the growler - what are you drinking, Molten Lead Lambic?" Or, "What is up with that gonad threatening saddle placement?"

To the haters, I would respond, "Can you never let go of your practicality to enjoy a bit of whimsy?  Or to just experience a design project for what it is - an expensive way to get attention for the designer?"

And despite this, the dentists and orthopedic surgeons are saying, "Where can I get one of those and if I buy a $5,000 single purpose growler bike can I get a discount on the growler fill to prevent me from having to give an extra $1 to the local pub owner?"  But putting this aside, my real beef is with the triathletes saying something like this, "The Q-factor on that bike would be enormous and would totally screw with my Saturday bricks."

To which I would respond, "What the hell does any of that mean?" or even, "Why can't a meteor land here, in the good ol' US of A, but just on some people?"

No, this bike is about love, love of bikes and love of beer and imagining ways we can combine these loves.  And for that, I say to you, Mr. Designer, thank you for combining these things that I also love, which distracted you from your prior project of making motorcycles even less safe and less comfortable than they already are.

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