Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Funny How That Works Out

In this day and age, as a brewery we have lots of ways to get our message out to the world.  In the olden days, like ten years ago, social media was in its infancy and, at least in our region, there wasn't much discussion about how it fit into one's marketing.  We had a website around that time, but it wasn't interactive and it took a degree in computer science to change anything on it. 

Now, as you know, we blog with abandon, we twitter with glee, we facebook every time we blow our noses, we instagram every meal and generally we get the opportunity to share our thoughts with one another at a blinding rate and massive volume.  The funny thing, I have discovered, is that the more that is going on that this blog-worthy or tweetable, the less I have time to blog it out or tweet it up.  Funny how that works out.

It doesn't seem right that way.  It seems it should be just the opposite; as we do more, we should then have something to share.  I don't mean that you need to facebook about each pair of shoes you try on (although I did see a scrumptious pair of . . . nevermind), but I do mean that when something of note happens, you should make a note of it.  When nothing is going on, resist the urge to take a picture the appetizer you got for Smokey John's Bacon Round-up Happy Hour special.  Okay, maybe if it is a really good one, but normally, just put away the camera phone and ease up.

Speaking of camera phones, I read recently that with the explosion of camera phones and cheap memory, that half of all of the photos ever taken have been taken in the last few years and that half of those were in the last year or two.  It's not surprising that when you had to get a 3' x 3' camera on a tripod, pile a softball of flash powder on a wooden support and ask everyone to stand still for a 5 minute exposure, that the total count of photos didn't rack up too quickly, but still it is an astounding leap, particularly when you consider that several billion of those photos in the last 24 months were exclusively of cute kitty cats.

There are those who suggest that we are becoming a less contemplative society, and maybe that's true, but what I suspect is that what is really happening is that those of us who are becoming less contemplative are sharing our lack of contemplation every minute, while those of you who are contemplative have realized that reading your Twitter feed moment by moment is really a waste of time (yes, typing that sentence caused me to check my Twitter feed - btw, when did it become a thing to live tweet television shows you watch? If you are also watching, do you care about someone else's twitter thoughts since you are watching already, and if you aren't watching, do you care about someone else's twitter thoughts about a show you aren't watching?).  I guess this line of thought has culminated in the Kardashian family - they have literally (and I use that word only upon consideration of what it means) never done anything noteworthy in their lives and yet their lives are literally (again, okay use) being documented by the hour for the world to see.  In a more perfect world, Kim Kardashian would be hauling her significant posterior around the Rancho Cucomonga Mall only bothering herself and not having her significant posterior recorded for all of posterity.  Apparently this isn't a more perfect world.

On the other hand, a whole bunch of positive stuff is happening at the brewery and if I just get a minute, I will tell you all about it.

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