Monday, January 14, 2013

River City Twilight Criterium - 2014

Despite the enthusiasm and sponsor support, I'm sorry to report that this race will not be held in 2013.  I could say that it was because it was a big project and we just didn't have the person-hours to devote to it in a way that we could pull off a first class race, but the real reason is that I am triskaidekaphobic and I couldn't stand to be associated so closely with something that was established in a year ending in "13".  I'm sorry for disappointed racers, teammates and families, but it's just the way I roll.

It is cold, snowy and cold outside.  I realize that.  I really do, so why would I start talking about bike riding right now?  Because I love it, that's why.

And you know that the other thing I love is beer, right?

And so, putting 2 and 2 together in that age-old way, what could be better than bike riding and beer drinking being put together?  Nothing.

Okay, I can honestly think of one or two things that I might put slightly above beer drinking and bike riding together, but not much.  But what, you ask, is this bike-riding/beer-drinking thing of which I speak?  The River City Twilight Criterium, that's what - a bike race to be held in the evening of Saturday, August 3rd.

There isn't a lot of story to tell yet, but just for a moment, picture this in your mind's eye.  Downtown Spokane on a warm summer evening as the sun is going down.  A beer garden with a variety of River City beers flowing.  Live music behind you.  And . . . in front of you . . . a stampeding group of lycra-clad crazy folks riding their bikes 25-30 or more miles per hour, passing by every couple of minutes as they wring out every last bit of performance from their tired muscles all for the glory of crossing the finish line first.  And, also, all for your entertainment as you sip a cold frosty one in the beer garden or stroll along the sidewalks or take a breather in any of the many sidewalk cafe spots along the race course.

Sound like a fun summer evening?  I thought so.  Now do me a favor - put that date on your calendar right now, while we are both thinking about it - Saturday, August 3rd.  I know that spot is empty on your calendar, so make a note of it right now and then, when it rolls around, you will remind yourself how damn smart it was to block it out right now, while it's still cold and snowy outside.

And in the meantime, let's give a moment of appreciation to the folks helping to make it happen - Visit Spokane, Downtown Spokane Partnership, Washington Trust Bank and the River City Red Cycling Club.  There are more sponsorship and volunteer opportunities, so if you are interested, drop us a line at rivercityred at gmail dot com or leave a comment below.

See you at the start line.

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  1. You know this is the night of the midnight century? You might lose a few of us for that, it's an epic ride!