Thursday, January 24, 2013

Random Thoughts

It has long been a part of the blog-world code of ethics that one write "random thoughts" posts.  It is a way of clumping together disparate things; in other words, a lazy way to post without sufficient thoughts to justify it.

Class action lawsuit - It's Not About the Bike - So, funny that this would be on the agenda, because I said I was done with Lance, but I love the fact that there is an angry lawsuit by readers/purchasers of the Sally Jenkins/LA tome.  No one deserves more richly to be the focus of an angry lawsuit than LA.

Phil Liggett / Paul Sherwen - When I was learning cycling, I used to worship these guys.  After I understood cycling, particularly after the explosion of information on the internet, I appreciated these guys but learned of their limitations and the blind eye they preferred to turn towards the seamy underbelly of cycling.  Now, however, after Liggett's dogged refusal to admit plain facts (After the Oprah/LA interview was in the can but not aired, Liggett was quoted as saying that there was evidence that only 2 of LA's 7 TdF wins were done while doping.  Really?  I think Liggett should share that evidence - or even better yet - know when to shut his piehole on a topic on which he has not one parsec of credibility).  I am just not looking forward to listening to them during my beloved classics season and then the TdF.  I will be looking for internet feeds with foreign voices for the Classics and glad to know that at least the Giro is not theirs.

Parsec - For you science nerds out there, my parsec reference was just to see if you were paying attention.  And yes, I know that a parsec is really, really big.  I mean REALLY, REALLY big.

Fat Bikes - A couple of local good guys, D.D. and P.S. (, have become Fat Bike Aficionados (Speaking of which, you may need to consider a blog-name change there, eh?).  They preach the goodness of Fat Bikes, go to Fat Bike conventions, go on jealousy-inducing breakfast rides on Fat Bikes.  Hell, I have the impression they abandon their wives and sleep with their Fat Bikes in the garage to make sure their fat steeds are safe during the night.  Anyway, knowing my penchant for bike purchasing (N + 1), they tried to talk to me about them.  Now, I love the stories and I can feel the camaraderie, but I just thought the uses were too limited or too far between.  I mean, how often am I riding on sandy beaches?  Sandy beaches are made for cold beer and sipping tequila, not Fat Bikes.  Well, I was flat wrong.  Little did I know that this whole global warming thing was going to bring a permanently frozen tundra landscape to Spokane and the only way to get outside was to be on a Fat Bike.  Damn, it turns out that buying another bike is the answer yet again.

Ramblin Road / Manito Tap House - Hey, remember when we were talking about beer on this beer blog?  Me neither.  Here goes.  Got together this week with the proprietor (missing his spouse-partner) of Ramblin Road Craft Brewery (B.G.) (By the way, I don't use people's names on this blog unless 1) they are famous or 2) I get permission.  Don't know why, it's just the way I roll).  They are focusing on doing Belgian-inspired ales and just out of the gates.  We got together to talk beer and met at the Manito Tap House (I was hoping to catch one of their beers on tap, but they were between kegs).  Two things jumped out of this conversation.  First, it's great to have more people making beer in Spokane and passionate about spreading the word about drinking/supporting local products.  I wish them much success.  Second, it is so cool that beer has exploded all over Spokane.  Sure, I meant that to sound silly, but sitting at Manito Tap House it is impossible to not reflect upon how great they are with beer (and food), but also note how many other places in the area are taking beer seriously.  I won't go all "old-timer" on you, but things have changed a lot in the beer world since 1999 and all for the better.

Bike Commuting - Starting next week.  Temperatures up a bit, snow on the ground to cover the freeze-dried ice there now.  I don't know how it will go, but I promise tales of adventure and probably pictures of bruises.


  1. "Damn, it turns out that buying another bike is the answer yet again."

    Dan and I knew you were corruptible, we just didn't think it would be this easy.

    Seriously, I'd love to loan you my bike sometime to play with, if you're interested. I think we're kind of in the same neighborhood.

  2. Pat - That is the answer, but I am not ready to ask the question yet and my wife is definitely stifling my curiosity. I do, however, appreciate the offer of a test ride. I'm hoping to make one of the breakfast rides and would love to have a turn on the fatty. G.