Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Our First Official Tour

Those of you who are paying close attention know that we are located in the Eldridge Building at the corner of First and Cedar in the Carnegie Square area of downtown Spokane.  Our much more famous and well-loved neighbor in this building is the Rocket Bakery.  Sometime not too far into the future, our draft beers are going to be available at the Rocket Bakery (a thing for which we are very grateful) and all during the process, the crew at the Rocket not only put up with the occasional noise and mess from the construction, they also provided a vital, life-affirming service day after day after day - coffee.

There is a saying that "it takes a lot of good beer to make good wine" because those vintners are known to toss back a brew or two while they consider their craft, but there should be a corollary that "it's takes a lot of good coffee to make good beer".  Even if that saying doesn't take off, it is true that the kind folks at the Rocket have faithfully produced cup after cup of that hot, caffeine-containing elixir that has helped fuel our process.

In return, we were glad to host them for our first official tour on Monday night.  Unfortunately, it didn't involve any beer drinking, as none was ready, but we did get to show them the brewery space and talk about how to make beer.  All in all, a we River City Brewing folks appreciated the opportunity to show our our space and equipment to our Rocket neighbors.  Here are some pictures (thanks to EGS) to commemorate the tour and to say thanks to our Carnegie Square Rocketeers!

Examining the Mash Tun - No swimming allowed

Grain samples and hop pellets - In petri dishes, so you know it's scientific.

In the Condition Room - That bucket must be fascinating!?

Fermentation - Ew, what's that smell?

I'm on the clock for this, right?

This tank is cold.  You can tell by touching it.

A lot of beer talk.  No beer tasting?

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