Tuesday, January 29, 2013


First of all, in our firsts, I would like to point out what an odd words "firsts" is, but that is the focus of today's post - some firsts.

Our first kegging from River City Brewing!  I was out sick last Friday, but that didn't stop Cody and Greg from moving ahead with racking out the first batch of beer from the new system.  It was a golden ale that served as our test batch for the first run-though of the brewhouse.  Thankfully, the brewhouse performed admirably, as has every step since.  I am quite disappointed that I wasn't here to enjoy the fruits of our labor, but that day will be here tomorrow.  Finally.

Our first kegging of River City Red!  Tuesday is the day that we will rack out our first batch of River City Red.  We are a sponsor of Spokane Restaurant Week and the preview/introduction party is Tuesday, so we are hoping to serve samples from these two beers.

Our first public sampling!  Okay, I milked that for two firsts, but Tuesday afternoon will also hold our first public sampling of our golden ale and River City Red at the preview/into party for Spokane Restaurant Week.  The event is not open to the public, but if you are attached to a restaurant in some way, then check out the idea and get on board.  Here is that link again: Spokane Restaurant Week.

Our first "new" employee!  Cody, Greg and I have all been around for the prior incarnation of our brewery in Coeur d'Alene.  I am very pleased to have both of them back and brewing for us.  They are serious, committed brewers who fully believe in the Drink Local concept and always have time for chat with beer geeks, home brewers and anyone who is interested in craft beer.  This week, however, we have also welcomed Emily to the River City Brewing team.  Emily shares these attributes, but has the daunting task of organizing everything outside of the beer-making process, including all of our relationship/process with our vendors, our distributor, and the government (no small task for a brewery), as well as helping with sales, beer gear, advertising, etc., etc., etc.  Thankfully, Emily is one of those people who appears to have endless enthusiasm and interest and is devoting it the brewery.  Welcome aboard!

My personal first bike ride of the year!  Yes, it was snowy, cold, wet and miserable on Monday this week.  The temperature was, however, well above the sub-freezing temps of the past couple of weeks so I set my mind to getting on my bike a week ago.  I got it ready this weekend and just decided to grin and bear it.  Thankfully, it turns out that making the decision was the hardest part.  The ride went well (mostly) and it was nice to be pedaling a bike again after a couple of month hiatus.  More on that later.

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