Monday, December 17, 2012

Ten More Days

Ten days from now, on December 27, I will get the thing right after Christmas that I most wanted this year - our first brew.  I had hoped for a bit earlier, but when you are six months behind, what do six more days matter? 

For some reason, the "New" part of the New Year has always been appropriate for me as I start or finish jobs or projects at that point, or in some way there is often a new beginning that occurs with the new year.  This year will be the same as we really embark on brewing with a fresh, clean 2013 right in front of us.

AND, yes, I have been asked repeatedly about open houses, grand openings, first beers, etc.  Since this has come together on a very difficult to establish timeline, we are going to hold off on having our first "public" event until we have 1) beer to drink and 2) more than one style of beer to drink.  That means waiting a few more weeks until we have a few brews under our belt and some batches in the conditioning tanks, but don't worry, you will get your invite.  Probably right here.

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