Thursday, December 22, 2011

Appropriate Responses

Saw this video over at the Steve's On Cannon Street blog and wondered about some of the appropriate responses to this . . . ride.

Here are a few of them that come to mind:

  • Okay, but faster next time.
  • Let's have a race.  You go first and I'll time you.
  • Sure I'll follow, but let me get my parachute and sumo wrestler suit first.
  • Ha!  I did that without putting my foot down.
  • Hey, looks like fun, but I just heard my Mom calling me.
  • I wonder if you can do it this time with no hands.
  • I know this dude with a unicycle and . . .
  • I know this dude with a tandem and . . .
  • Oh crap, I just got a fffffflllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. {Crunch . . . splash}.

If you have any others, please add them to the comment section.

1 comment:

  1. Wussies didn't ride the log bridge.
    Devil's Down is scary enough for me.
    Are they wearing their RoadIDs?