Thursday, February 26, 2015

2015 Inlander Restaurant Week

We have been absolutely loving the 2015 Inlander Restaurant Week and all the support that has been shown to local businesses this week!

Thank you to all the bars and restaurants that have chosen to pour River City Brewing this year! To show our thanks, we have been highlighting each one of these establishments on our daily Facebook and Twitter posts. Below is a compiled list of all of the Restaurant Week participants that have had River City on tap for the week. Be sure to stop in each one of these and thank them for supporting local breweries! (If your restaurant has been pouring River City Brewing for Restaurant Week and we missed you, be sure to let Emily know so she can add you to the list and show you some love on our social media sites!) Cheers!

Spokane Restaurants 
Ambrosia Bistro and Wine Bar
The Backyard
Boiler Room
Central Food
Downriver Grill
The Elk Public House
Epic in Northern Quest Resort and Casino
Fire Artisan Pizza
Hay J’s Bistro
Italia Trattoria
Knockaderry Irish Pub
The Lantern Tap House
Latah Bistro
Legends of Fire at Northern Quest Resort and Casino
Longhorn BBQ
Luigi’s Italian Restaurant
Maggie’s South Hill Grill
Manito Tap House
MAX at Mirabeau
Post Street Ale House
Ripples Riverside Grill
Rock City Grill
Saranac Public House
Spencer’s Steaks & Chops
Steelhead Bar and Grille
True Legends Grill
Twigs Bistro-Downtown
Veraci Pizza
Wild Sage

North Idaho Restaurants
Bonsai Bistro
Crafted Tap House
The Fedora
Fire Artisan Pizza
Scratch Bistro
Seasons Fresh Grill
Tomato Street
Uva Trattoria
White House Grill

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

2015 Riverkeeper IPA Debuts this Wednesday, 2/18/15

Our quality of life in the Inland Northwest is greatly enhanced by the quality of the water that surrounds us.  Recognizing the importance of the Spokane River and its watershed, Numerica Credit Union and River City Brewing have teamed up with Spokane Riverkeeper again this year to launch an annual awareness and fundraising effort.  To celebrate these efforts, River City Brewing is releasing a completely new version of Riverkeeper IPA, a microbrew debuting Wednesday, February 18, exclusively at a release party at the Lantern Tap House, 1004 S. Perry Street, Spokane, Wash.  Link to Facebook Event Post.

More than just a beer, Riverkeeper IPA is the capstone of a collaboration between Spokane Riverkeeper, Numerica and River City Brewing to raise funds and awareness about preserving and protecting the Spokane River and its watershed. The efforts include an online donation campaign, an educational website and events.

"With more than 50 pounds of hops in every brew, the new Riverkeeper IPA is a beer that will get your attention,” said Gage Stromberg, River City Brewing owner, “just the way it should get your attention that our quality of life is so impacted by the Spokane River.”

River City Brewing will make a donation to Spokane Riverkeeper for every batch they brew, meaning that every pint consumed helps the organization.  Two years in a row, Numerica has provided the financial underwriting necessary to create awareness and support events in conjunction with Spokane Riverkeeper.

“Numerica is excited to support the Riverkeeper IPA campaign once again this year,” said Kelli Hawkins, communications manager for Numerica. “We love that Spokane Riverkeeper has the opportunity to use such a fun tool to educate our community about their great efforts to restore and protect our river and watersheds. By teaming up with Spokane Riverkeeper and River City, we are able to help our community live well.”

Included in the Riverkeeper IPA campaign are educational components about the work of Spokane Riverkeeper on a custom website,, posters, coasters, table-top materials and more.

“The Spokane River gives so much to our community socially and economically; it’s wonderful to see the community get creative to support a healthy River,” said Jerry White, Jr, Spokane Riverkeeper. “Local businesses partnerships like the one Numerica and River City Brewing have forged to support the Spokane Riverkeeper is a real success. The community receives great tasting local beer and gets to drink it knowing that their dollars are helping to keep the Spokane River fishable and swimmable for the next generation. I am really excited to be a part of an effort that is a model of creative and responsible corporate citizenship.”

Following Wednesday’s Launch Party at the Lantern Tap House, Riverkeeper IPA will be available full-time in bars and restaurants across the region and always on tap at the River City Tap Room, 121 S. Cedar in downtown Spokane.

Riverkeeper IPA is a Northwest style, full-bodied IPA using regional hops and grains.  The 2015 version includes over 50 pounds of hops in each batch, including Citra, Palisade, Cascade, Centennial, El Dorado, Millennium and Chinook hops.  For more information about the beer or where you can find it on tap, visit,, or find it on Taplister or TapHunter on your smart phone devices.

About Numerica Credit Union
Numerica Credit Union currently has more than 100,000 members throughout Central and Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho and over $1.3 billion in assets. It offers a full line of financial products and services, including mortgages and business products. Membership is open to anyone who lives or works in the state of Washington or the Idaho Panhandle.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Saturday, Jan 31 - Groundhog's Day Prediction Party

Groundhog Day is known for Punxsutawney Phil predicting whether winter will end or keep going and it’s known for BEER! 

Well, maybe that’s just around here, but we think it’s a great reason to have a beer and a party so on Saturday, January 31st, from 3 – 9 pm, we will have our 2nd Annual Groundhogs Day Prediction Party. 

Your job – show up wearing summer clothes or winter clothes (and drink some beer). If you think winter is wrapping up soon, break out the Hawaiian shirts, tank tops, sunglasses and flip flops. If you think P-Phil is going to see his shadow and winter is sticking around, come wearing your Arctic camo, your snowmobile suit, or your sweet mountain gear. While you’re here, you will get to record your prediction and win prizes if you are right! 

For our beer specials for the night we will tap the TWO kegs of Midnight Marmot, one of which will be poured through the Randall (can’t have a groundhog party without a Marmot beer, right?), AND we'll have a keg of our Oako-Coco Nitro on tap! We will be doing pint specials ($3 pints all day!), growler specials ($10), and, final added bonus, crazy keg specials! ($49/$99 for Red, VB Stout, Huckleberry and Girlfriend kegs, and just $39/$79 for Afternoon IPA and RiverKeeper IPA!!)! 

Come dressed for winter or summer, but come join us for our Groundhogs Day Prediction Party!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ronde Van Palouse - April 26, 2015

Ronde van Palouse - Sunday, April 26, 2015
USA Cycling permit pending 
Start Time
Men 1/2
Men 3
11 a.m.
   66 mi
Top 3 - $150
Top 3 - $150
Women 1-3                                       Masters 40+ (1-4)                    Masters 50+ (1-4)               Masters 60+ (1-4)
11:05 a.m.
   50 mi
Top 3 - $150
Top 3 - Merch
Top 3 - Merch
Top 3 - Merch
Men 4/5
11:10 a.m.
   50 mi
Top 3 - Merch
Women 4
Juniors Boys 12-15
Junior Girls 12-15
11:15 a.m.
   34 mi
Top 3 - Merch
Top 3 - Medals
Top 3 - Medals
Description: Ronde van Palouse (Tour of the Palouse) is a road race held in the spirit of the Spring Classics. The course consists of a 16-mile circuit in the farm country near Spangle, Washington. The loop features 10 miles of good pavement and 6 miles of graded gravel. The constant rollers and the nearly constant wind of the Palouse make this a challenging circuit that favors the strongest all-around riders. The finish line is about two miles northeast of Liberty High School. 
  • Five (5) riders make a category. Promoter also reserves the right to combine, split, or cancel fields depending on turnout. Fields that race together will still be scored separately.
  •  Driving Directions: From Spokane, go 17 miles south on Hwy 195. Exit the highway left on East Cheney-Spangle Road. This is the second Spangle exit. You'll see the Harvester Restaurant to the left and a gas station on the right as you enter the town of Spangle. Continue to the stop sign at Main/Old 195. Turn right on Old SR 195 and proceed south for approximately one mile. Turn left on Spangle-Waverly Road. Proceed 3.5 miles to the staging area at Liberty High School on the right.
  • Entrance Fee: $35 includes sales tax, insurance surcharges, and registration fees.   
  • Registration:  Online registration available at  Day-of registration will be available. Check-in and registration will be from 8 to 10:30 a.m. in the Liberty Middle School parking lot.  WSBA number required. $10 rental numbers available ($5 refundable for Wash. and Idaho residents; $10 refundable for all others).  USA Cycling license required. $10 One-Day Licenses available only for Men Cat 5 and Women Cat 4, no exceptions.
Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Support vehicle for each field will be “wheels in-wheels out”.  However, your best bet is to run a wider tire with max air pressure.
  • A feed zone is available for teams and individuals with their own support person. Your soigneur should be instructed to stand in the feed zone on South Rattlers Run (see map below). There is parking at the intersection of Dawson Road and Rattlers Run Road. 
  • Award ceremony and will be at Liberty High School after the last field has finished (approximately 2:30 pm)

Other Rules: All USA cycling rules apply. Racers must present valid 2015 USA Cycling license at registration, no exceptions. Riders outside the "race caravan" must obey the standard rules of the road. Helmets must be worn any time the participant is on a bicycle--before, during, and after the race, except while on a trainer.

Organizer: Brad Hamby
Contact: or 509-688-4152

See Page for Course Map and Profile

Monday, December 29, 2014


I have respect for obsessions.  Healthy ones, at least.  And obsessing about getting a 1972 Porsche 911 around a race track just a bit faster?  That's an obsession I can appreciate.

I saw this video first on Twitter (checks us out at @RiverCityRed) from Road & Track. Here is the online posting:

Friday, December 26, 2014

How to Watch a Bike Race

A guy named Cosmo Catalano (no, I don't know if that is his real name) does encapsulation videos after lots of races called "How the Race Was Won."  If you miss TV coverage of a bike race, it's a great way to catch up on the key moments, interesting happening or note-worthy occurrences.  He also, however, did a video on how to watch a race, so you too can be a Cosmo-worth watcher.

I'll let him explain.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

There's crazy. And then there's CRAZY.

Still not enough snow around here to make skiers, boarders, snowshoers, fat bikers and penguins happy, but in the meantime, check this out.  Watch it the second time with your eyes open.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Ronde Von Palouse - April 26

Despite the popularity of the race, the Ronde Von Palouse was in danger of being held in 2015 due to the organizing bike team disbanding.  River City Red Cycling has agreed to step into the breach and is planning to hold this race on Sunday, April 26.

Stay tuned for details as they become solidified.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Washington Student Cycling League

As we covered a couple of posts ago, the brewery is pleased to support a Spokane-based cycling team - River City Red Cycling.  As a team, we race bikes, but we do this as a way of a) having fun riding bikes, b) having fun drinking beer and talking about bikes and bike racing, and c) trying to be good ambassadors for cycling in many ways - racing, training, commuting, transportation, fun, exercise and a way to burn calories so we can drink beer.

More towards our ambassador side, we are pleased to be starting an association with the Washington Student Cycling League.  Here is their raison d'etre:
The Washington Student Cycling League is a holistic mountain bike program for students grade 6-12. We are a non-profit organization that partners with schools and community organizations to provide inclusive cycling opportunities to all students across the state.
Our mission is to promote youth development, confidence, leadership, health and public stewardship through mountain biking and positive outdoor experience and to create a foundation for lifelong cycling enjoyment.
Two of our team members, Brad Hamby (2014 Team MVP) and Travis Coleman (2013 & 2014 Team "Big Dog"), just got licensed as coaches with the WSCL and will be working with others to start and develop an east-side team that will, in part, have the opportunity to go over to race in some west-side races.  The riders and sponsors of River City Red Cycling (Desautel Hege Communications, M & L Supply Company, Powers Stromberg Pension Consulting, Pulmonary Specialists, Tailwind Physical Therapy, The Bike Hub, and Voltric Electric, along with River City Brewing) are committed to helping youth cycling in our area and a significant portion of our team funds will be spent on these efforts.

If you know of a girl or boy in the 6th through 12th grad that would be interested, please let us know or keep an eye on this space for more information as plans develop.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Spokane Gets on Another List

Recently local activist, arts supporter, Spokane supporter, writer, man-about-town Luke Baumgarten wrote a piece for the Inlander called "Screw Big Cities" (  And while he used a naughty word in his title, he makes a good point (as he always does).  The gist of it is that big cities have art experiences, but they also come with congestion, expense and stasis.  On the other hand, Spokane offers a great quality of life, an accessible art scene and it is a place that you can have an impact if you are willing to work at it.

What's nice is that Luke is a relatively young person saying these things, rather than a paid spokesperson for an economic development organization.

I have been saying for a long time that one of our problems is that we as a city lack the self-confidence that some bigger, hipper cities seem to have in abundance.  It's well past time we look around and see that we live in a very cool, dynamic place that also happens to offer a reasonably priced really, truly excellent quality of life. 

And, it helps that other people are starting to look in from the outside and recognize that, to wit, showing up on a list of "Underrated Cities that Deserve Some Love" on The Chive website:  Here is the description:

Eight hometown breweries, 36 bars, and Washington’s first craft liquor distillery, Spokane is definitely a place to add to your list. Surrounded by beautiful Washington forests, you can find yourself white water rafting, golfing, hiking, touring breweries, and taking the chairlift to the top of the mountains all in the same day. A beautiful spot with an awesome nightlife, and a heavy emphasis on local, craft alcoholic beverages, Spokane is totally worth a visit.

And it's hard to find two sources more different than Luke Baumgarten and The Chive saying a very similar thing - that Spokane is an awesome place.  We wholeheartedly agree and think you should too.