Friday, January 8, 2016


River City Brewing had an awesome 2015. We sold more beer and had more fun than any prior year. As such, we are pleased to be putting our third year in the history books and are ready to celebrate. Join us Saturday, January 30, 3 – 10 pm for some special beers, original tunes from Folkinception (5-9 pm) and excellent food from Couple of Chefs Catering & Street Cuisine Truck. The party is in the Tap Room and the Brewery, so we will be celebrating come snow or shine.

After checking the cellar, here is what’s On Tap for our 3rd Anniversary Party:
Huckleberry Ale
Girlfriend Golden Ale
River City Red
VB Stout
Riverkeeper IPA
River City Root Beer
2016 Congratulator Doppelbock
2015 Midnight Marmot Imperial Stout
2014 Oako-Coco Nitro
2015 Congratulator Doppelbock
2014 Deep Thaw Winter Warmer
2014 Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout (limit one 8oz pour per person)

During 2015, we continued experimenting with new beers, hops and techniques, we won several awards, and we expanded our sales territory, but mostly we made great beer day in and day out and had it served in great places in communities all over the Northwest. We are proud of the brew team, sales team (one person is a “team,” right?) and our bartenders who put a face on our brewery every day in the Tap Room. We have some more good stuff rolling out in 2016, but first, let’s celebrate!

Here are the details: Our event is all ages, and better yet, no cover! Beer tickets will be $2.50 each - 1 ticket for an 8oz pour, and 2 tickets for a 16oz pour (except Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout which is 2 tickets for an 8oz pour and will be limited to one person until it runs out).

For River City Brewing, 2015 was a home run. We hope you join us on January 30th to celebrate another great year of brewing beer for our friends, neighbors and communities all over the Northwest.

Cheers! #DrinkLocal 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


The holiday season is fun, but also stressful if you work in retail or hospitality. You have put up with unreasonable requests, whiny customers, long hours and a lot of stress to help everyone else have a nice holiday season, so we want to thank you with $2 pints for the next week for anyone who just finished a hard few weeks in bars, restaurants, stores, malls, ski resorts or anywhere else you were working hard while everyone else was taking time off.

Come in to the River City Brewing Tap Room (121 S. Cedar St), show the bartender some proof of your work and enjoy $2 pints Monday through Sunday, 1/4-1/10. You deserve a break and a pat on the back. Come see us for both.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

This week at River City Brewing:

Tonight- $10 Growler Fill Tuesday. All Growler Fills, just $10. 

Tomorrow- Meet the Makers night at AREA 51 Taphouse - at the onion from 5-7pm. Emily will be up with swag to give away, and they will have our Wine Barrel-Aged Huckleberry Ale, Riverkeeper IPA, 2015 Midnight Marmot Imperial Stout, and our 2014 Congratulator Doppelbock on tap!

Thursday- For New Year's Eve, we will be open from 3-10pm and all growler fills will be just $10.

Friday- Closed for New Year's Day.

Saturday- Chris will be in from 3-10pm.


Monday, December 21, 2015

This Week at River City Brewing:

  • Monday is $3 Micro Monday. All Pints just $3.
  • Tuesday is $10 Growler Fill Tuesday. All Growler Fills just $10.
  • Wednesday Angel is in to rock the house.
  • Thursday we will be open from 3-7pm with $10 Growler Fills.
  • We will be closed Friday to allow our staff time home with their families for Christmas.
  • We will be open again regular hours on Saturday from 3-10pm and Sunday from 3-9pm.

And we still have Gift Cards, T-Shirts, Hat and Growlers available for sale for anyone needing some last minute Christmas presents!

Cheers! #DrinkLocal

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Calling All Stout Fans!!
Join us on December 19th for our First International Marmot Beer Festival!

For $25 in advance or $30 at the door, you get :
  • 2oz samples of 10 different Midnight Marmot Imperial Stout variations
  • 12oz pour of your choice of Marmot
  • Your very own “International Marmot Beer Festival” Snifter glass.
    • (Only First 125 Tickets will receive Snifter)
  • $10 Growler fills available to take with you.
    • (Limit One Per Person)

Style of Midnight Marmot to be available:

  1. Midnight Marmot Imperial Stout
  2. 2014 Cellared Midnight Marmot Imperial Stout
  3. IRISH Whiskey soaked Oak Chip Marmot Imperial Stout
  4. CANADIAN Whiskey soaked Oak Chip Marmot Imperial Stout
  5. SCOTTISH Scotch Oak Chip Midnight Marmot Imperial Stout
  6. AMERICAN Bourbon Soaked Oak Chip Marmot Imperial Stout
  7. Washington Raspberry and FRENCH Oak Chip Marmot Imperial Stout
  8. 2015 Midnight Marmot Nitro Imperial Stout
  9. 2014 Cellared Oako-Coco Nitro Marmot Imperial Stout
  10. Rootbeer Marmot Imperial Stout

Come enjoy 10 different versions of our Midnight Marmot Imperial Stout and take home your own "International Marmot Beer Festival" Snifter 
(First 125 tickets only).

Cheers! #DrinkLocal #MidnightMarmot

Monday, October 26, 2015

It isn't too late to sign up for our 2016 

Growler Club!

For just $100 you get:

-Custom stainless steel River City Brewing 2016 Growler Club Founding Member HydroFlask growler

-Custom River City Brewing Growler Club Founding Member Work Shirt

-$10 Growler Fills of Core Beers in RCB Growler Club Growler for 1 full year (January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016 - unlimited number of fills in the Club Growler)

-$12 Growler Fills of Limited Release Beers in RCB Growler Club Growlers for 1 year (January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016 - unlimited number of fills in the Club Growler, unless otherwise noted)

-One $3 pint whenever you come in to fill up your Club Growler

--$0 extra for the great feeling from being a Founding Member

Sign up today!

Need a Christmas present for a friend or family member this year? This would be perfect! Let us know if this is a gift for someone and we can great a custom Gift Certificate for you to give to them.

Cheers! ‪#‎DrinkLocal‬ ‪#‎RCBGrowlerClub‬

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What's Happening This Week with 
River City Brewing

Tuesday, October 6th: 
  • $10 Growler Fill Tuesday 
  • All growlers (except TW Frankensour) are just $10

Thursday, October 8th: 
  • River City Red Night at Buffalo Wild Wings  
  • Northtown Mall location from 5:30-7:30
  • Swag giveaways during the Colts vs Texans game

Friday, October 9th:
  • Release of our Funkadelicious Fresh Hop Ale 
  • Tap Room Open from 3-10pm

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Are you ready for this year's Inland NW Craft Beer Festival?? Check out all the goodies we'll be pouring this year!

1) Wine Barrel Aged Huckleberry Ale:
Back again for 2015, Wine Barrel Aged Huckleberry! We picked up a Merlot barrel, two Shiraz barrels and a Sangiovese barrel from our neighbors, Barrister Winery. We filled them with our delicious Huckleberry Ale, let them sit for a month to absorb the wine and oak flavors and then have combined them back into one fruity, funky and fantastic beer. Rosy colored, sweet and tart with a dry finish, this beer is refreshing beer perfect for our summer weather. 5.2% ABV / 6 IBU

2) Oako-Coco Nitro:
Sure Midnight Marmot Imperial Stout is good, but this one-off version takes it to 11. We lovingly aged Midnight Marmot with Oak chips and Cocoa nibs and carbonated it with nitrogen. The result is a smooth, creamy head on a full-bodied stout complimented by chocolately flavors mixed with oaky, nutty bittersweet notes. This is a high intensity stout with lots of oak and cocao throughout the traditional stout malt flavors. M’mm M’mm extra good. 8.6% ABV / 59 IBU

3) Funkadelicious Fresh Hop Ale:
“Fresh Hop” Ale has a very specific meaning – it has to be made within 24 hours of the time the hops are harvested. For River City Brewing, that means a road trip to the Yakima Valley, this year to pick up Mosaic hops harvested during the prior day. We drive them home and dump them into a brew of pale ale with a high-attenuation west-coast style yeast so as much hop character comes through as possible. Fresh hop ales only happen once a year in celebration of the hop harvest, which is something every beer lover can support. Funkadelicious is our super fresh version of a fresh-hops pale ale. Ask about how to bring out the funk when you order one, enjoy the hoppy freshness and then start dreaming of next year’s harvest. 6.3ish% A.B.V. / 70 I.B.U.

4) TW Frankensour:
This beer has a history that is hard to believe and you may not want to drink one after you hear it. A friend bought a keg of 1997 TW Fisher Huckleberry Ale from a warehouse cleaning auction in 2013. We got a limited quantity of this surprisingly drinkable beer (a testament to the wonders of keg storage), which we mixed with an hoppy experiment that was fermented with a combination of lager and ale yeasts that had been aged already for a year in an oak wine barrel. We aged it another nine months, testing it along the way, to discover that we had created a beautiful abomination of a beer. Part fifteen year-old beer, part dual yeasted hoppy experiment, and aged past the weirdness into a delightfully funky franken-sour of beer that you have to drink to believe. IT LIVES! And you can drink it. 5.4% ABV /25 IBU

5) River City Randall:
Come by and see what’s on the River City Randall. We will have a couple of different beers and randall ingredients along the way that change throughout the day, so check in to see if it’s dark, light, fruity, spicy or just what. Any way it goes, it’s guaranteed to be good.

6) Firkin- Pumpkin Peach Ale Made The Hard Way :
A Firkin is a small keg which we use to create an experimental beer. We combine the wort of one of the beers in our line-up, but then add some special ingredients and yeast to let it ferment in the keg. As a result, it self-carbonates as it ferments, so the carbonation level is lower and the flavors more intense. This year we will offer Pumpkin Peach Ale Made The Hard Way.

7) 2015 Congratulator Eisbock (Friday Night Only):
Prepared for our anniversary party, the Congratulator Eisbock is more malty and higher alcohol than it’s baby brother name-sake dopplebock, but shares the lagered malty smoothness of this traditional beer. It packs a whallop, so consume carefully. Only available in limited quantities. 12.5% A.B.V. / 50 I.B.U.

8) 2015 Bourbon Barrel-Aged Vanilla Bean Stout (Saturday Only):
This is the evil twin to our year-round VB Stout. Like a soap opera, this evil twin is not as sweet, darker and richer. To create this beauty we added a traditional stout and whole vanilla beans to an Oola Distillery Waitsburg Bourbon Whiskey barrel and then let is set for 3 months. The result is not as sweet as our VB Stout, but an interesting contrast. It definitely has a full, rich body and a some oaky tartness from the barrel and aging. - Limited quantities available 6% ABV / 55 IBU


Dates & Times
Friday, October 2, 2015 4:00-8:00pm
Saturday, October 3, 2015 Noon-8:00pm
Avista Stadium
602 N Havana St.
Spokane, WA 99202


Tickets on sale now!
$20 advance tickets/$25 at the door while supplies last ($15 for Military with valid ID)
Designated driver admission is $5 and available at the door only (includes free water/soda)
Admission includes a commemorative tasting glass & six 5 oz. tastes
Additional tokens may be purchased at $2 each or four for $5
Washington Beer Lover members receive two bonus tokens when they present their member passports
This is a 21-and-over event

Friday, July 31, 2015

2015 Cascade Classic

One of our River City Red Cycling Team members just did something extraordinary.  Pat O'Neil won the Men's Category 3 Cascade Classic Stage Race.  There were four tough stages, a couple with lots of climbing.  Winning any stage race is an impressive feat, but winning a race with the class, history and toughness of the Cascade Classic is doubly impressive.

Pat was kind enough to take the time to write up a race report that he shared with the team, which we are now sharing with you.  So remember kids, if you eat your wheaties and ride ridiculously hard for several years, you too can do this someday.

Alex dropped by my house with his car ready to go, Thursday morning. 3 bikes loaded on it already and waiting for 2 more. We had the roof AND a trunk rack loaded for speed and brave attacks. If there were ever a car that met Rule #25, Alex's $700 Subaru qualified. ;) We checked into the Motel West, a nice place and perfect location for getting to all 4 stages. We met up with Cormac McGeough, a friend of Alex's to share the room. Cormac is a great kid, 18-19yo, new to a lot of road racing, but full of ambition and positive vibes. I had a GREAT time with Alex, Cormac and few other friends of Alex's that we met at the race!

Alex, Cormac and I rode the full 17mi circuit race course lap, when we got into Bend, which was a very smart recon idea. We talked that night about tactics for stage 1: I told Alex and Cormac I was not going to wait for the final climb up Bachelor to make a move...

The 1st stage (75mi RR) started at Wanoga Sno-Park on Mt Bachelor, I guess about a 100 3s and 4s combined. We climbed for a little while, some down, some more slight up, before beginning a long descent to the bulk of the race. Very early, a couple of guys popped off the front and dangled ahead with no real time on the field. This went on until maybe 15-20mi into the race when the pack kinda stalled near the bottom of a little descent. I was right at the front when that moment occurred and it was very instinctive what had to happen right then. I jumped as hard as I could and raced forward. I heard someone coming with me. Locked on the 2 guys ahead, I dug in, looking around briefly to see that we were leaving the field like an Atlas rocket leaving the earth's gravitational pull.

We overhauled the break quickly and injected the haste that makes a 30sec break into a 1, then 2, then 3 minute break. We got to rotating and it was apparent that we were 3 strong and 1 weak guy. The weak guy being a pretty small junior from a team that had quite a few guys in the field. Thinking that was probably key in our early success. Anyway, we'd rotate and the little guy unfortunately had to follow my pulls. He'd spin out for 15sec and then get out of the way. The other 2 guys and I rode really well, and strong, together.

Shortly after our break formed, we had a nervous moment where the officials pulled us over and neutralized everyone while the 2s went by (they had extra miles/loops built into their course). I hastily took the time to piss. At that point we had a minute-14sec gap, which the officials dutifully gave us back when we restarted. We quickly got our gap out to minute-30sec after that.
Mid race, we started to come up upon the 2s, on the only real hill in the middle of the course. I was really anxious about what was going to happen. If they slowed us down, we'd lose our gap. I was on the front and saw that our lead car was just going around the 2s cars, so I stayed right on him and pushed through, too. The motorcycle guy was yelling at the 2s to move over cause the 4s were coming through! lol. I corrected him to the field that we were 3s, dammit! We passed the 2s, sortof.  My break companions giving me shouts to ease up. I was kindof busting things up in our group, but all I was trying to do was successfully get around the 2s. Later I learned from one of the break guys that his powermeter was reading steadily in the 4-500s while I was pulling through the 2s. We dropped the Junior rider there, also.

The rest of the race was super smooth. Without the Junior, we rode like a tuned team time trial into the base of Mt Bachelor, building up almost a 6 minute lead. The field, of course, started to gain on us as we climbed the last 10 miles of sissy Mt Bachelor. ;) Actually, the wind was tough, though. I went in and out of some hamstring cramps, once falling behind my 2 other guys. But, we were all pretty spent, and eventually, it was me (2nd) and a guy from Portland (Ben) with a River City Cycling jersey taking the finish by 30 sec over our other guy (Jeremiah) a Seattle rider. We stayed mostly 2-3 minutes up over the best of the rest in the field.

I know Alex was being a good teammate, especially early on in my breakaway, not helping pull up the field. He also was getting sick, I realized, most the weekend. Sunday, I caught his bug and we both were heading home feeling like sh&*t!

Stage 2, TT: I knew I would be in yellow the next day. It was kindof weird to just "know" that. I'd been with the other two guys enough and was confident enough in my TT to just know what was going to happen. I followed my now regimen (since it was successful in Baker City for a TT win) of rolling on my road bike for an hour before the TT. I popped onto my TT bike, right before the start and rolled to the starthouse. In second place, the 3rd place rider was right there, in front of me, waiting to go, 30 sec down on me. We were ready to launch for the 9mile, slightly rolling course. But, where was GC man? I looked around. He was nowhere. My 30sec man left and I lined up. I got ready and glanced around again, not seeing him. I mumbled something like "where's GC?" and just before the starter let me go, the official said back to me "I guess you're the leader". This was the last thing I heard as I left the starthouse! :) I made 20sec on my 30sec man. A little bit hurt that I didn't catch him. GC lost 20sec for being late and a solid 40sec or so more over the course. I placed 3rd...

Stage 3, Crit: If you know me, you know something is going to get messed up... I thought the crit was supposed to be preceded by a TT podium and yellow jersey award/handout. As we started to get called into the crit, I realized none of that was going to happen. I guess the intent was just to call up the TT podium and GC man at the crit start. I had failed to grab my yellow jersey. I hastily asked some guys to pin my numbers on my RCR jersey, just before call ups. They were like "wha? who are you?", and I kinda groaned back, well, I was GC and needed them to help me before the callup. BUT, what a sensation, getting the call up and applause before the crit! At the gun, I got a good start and proudly dragged the field for the first lap, conscious of and proud to be in my angry red RCR jersey!
The crit was TOUGH! A long rectangle of just a block wide, it had this insane reduction in road into one short side of the course. Lots of curbing changes, throughout the course. The best I could do was stay near the front. The crit was a short 35min long and we finished safely, in the pack.

Stage 4, circuit RR: The final day was a morning 3-lap, 51mi course, with punchy little climbs and fun descents, throughout. I had about a minute gap, still, on my 2 guys from Friday and everyone else was 2-3 min or more behind. We decided the strategy was to be conservative and just watch out for dangerous break attempts on the climbs. I was relying/counting on general race aggression to keep it together and that pretty much worked. Our 3rd place guy, Ben, the River City guy, tried really hard to get something to go in the first couple of laps. He burned match after match, even on the flat and fast sections, working to cause a shift. But, we'd hit the climbs and I managed to stick with the main accelerations, encouraging others to finish off any slight gaps that would form. I also noticed that I got more room. Something about that yellow jersey meant to let me have some space, or get in where I wanted to go. It was really cool! Alex came up at least once and closed down some dangerous stuff, almost doing sole duty to close down some gaps for me! After the final punchy climb of the last lap, it started to dawn on me that I'd pulled it off. I must have been dreaming a little too much because when a final small break did in fact get a little time on the field, it included the 2nd place GC guy! But, it wasn't enough. His group pulled up into the final punchy finish 25sec or so ahead of us, not enough to shake the podium from my grip.

We drove home, totally spent, and sick or getting sick, but happy we did it!